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K-Drama OST Spotlight: May 2018

OST songs are incredibly important to the structure of a drama, they play a vital role in making the audience feel what they are watching on a deeper level. As there are so many dramas each month, it can be incredibly difficult to keep track of all the awesome music, unless you watch every single drama! If only there were more hours in a day right? XD Well don’t worry, cause here at IMK we’ve got you covered, we dive through all the many OST songs released each month to make sure you can stay up to date on all these hidden K-Pop gems! Here’s our list of the best OST tracks so far this month! ^-^

Ji Young – Go For It (Good Witch OST)

How fun and upbeat is this song? It makes us smile just listening to it! We are loving the old style feel to the instrumentals, and the vocals by the incredible Ji Young are so bright and bubbly they match the overall sound so beautifully! When you are looking for a track to make you happy dance on a bright spring or summer day, this song is perfect!

ULALA SESSION – Time to Go (To You Who Forgot Poetry/A Poem a Day OST)

Another incredible song from ULALA SESSION, we love their rock ballad sounds, and although the vocals are somewhat subdued for most of the track they still soar! We literally got goosebumps while listening to this track a couple of times. ULALA SESSION aren’t very well known in the international Kpop community, but we always keep an eye out for their OST releases, you’re just about always guaranteed an incredible song!

Leah Kim – Vane (Wave, Wave, Wave OST)

The modernized traditional sound of this track made us fall in love with it immediately, it’s both beautiful and slightly melancholy at the same time. Leah Kim’s masterful vocals in this track are perfect, not too strong that they are overpowering, but not too soft that they are drowned out either. Anyone watching this drama? Makes us intrigued to see how the song would fit into the show! Looks like we now have another drama to add to our list!

Mamamoo – You in My Dream (Suits OST)

How is it you can love a song immediately as it begins…before the first note even ends? Mamamoo seem to do this all the time! It’s emotional, it’s relaxing, it carries you with it until you are wrapped up in their voices! This truly is a masterpiece of a song, one of our favourite songs of the year so far in fact! Mamamoo 화이팅!

CHEEZE – Hard For Me (Rich Man OST)

The moment we saw CHEEZE as the artist of this track, we knew it was gonna be incredible! And we weren’t wrong, this melancholy and emotional tune is just stunning! We can’t wait to watch this drama, to see how it fits into the show! Have you started watching this one yet? Let us know!

SAVINA & DRONES – Will You Hug Me? (Mistress OST)

This song is awesome! It has a sort of dream-like quality that makes it so easy to listen to over and over again! The vocals are so unique as well. We highly recommend you give this seriously underrated band a listen, they’re so good! If you think you’e heard them before you may be right! They also did a song for last years popular drama, Bride of the Water God. ^-^

Park JiYong of Honey-G – It Hurts So Much (A Rich Family’s Son OST)

It’s been a while since we last heard anything from Park JiYong of Honey-G, but wow this man can sing! The emotion he brings to this song through his voice is so real, you can feel it. The mark of a truly accomplisged vocalist! We cannot stop listening to this track, even if it does make us want to cry, it’s just that good!

Kang MinKyung (of Davichi) & Kisum – Rainy Streets for You and Me (Suits OST)

Yet another stunning track from the Suits Kdrama! This time it is vocal powerhouse Kang MinKyung of the duo Davichi and Kisum the rapper! Although it may not have crossed many minds that these two would make an incredible team, we are certainly gald someone thought of it! This song is a work of art! Don’t believe us? Give it a listen!

Nam Taehyun (of South Club) – Real Love (Rich Man OST)

If you follow us on Twitter, then you probably already knew this song was going to make an appearance on this list! How can you not love this man’s voice? This song is so easy to listen to if you aren’t careful you’ll end up having it on repeat all day…which isn’t necessarily a bad thing at all. XD

Huh Gong – Just Bring Tears (Doll’s House OST)

Although maybe not quite as well known as his brother the ballad legend Huh Gak. Huh Gong is equally talented in the vocal department! Just check out this song and hear for yourself! Another emotionally rich track with an almost Spanish vibe to some of the instruments and melody. Mix in the power of Huh Gon’s voice and you have a recipe for an incredible song!

iamnot – Burn It Up (Lawless Lawyer OST)

Guaranteed to have you up and moving about to the beat, this is pop-rock at it’s best! From what we know of this drama so far, this song is absolutely perfect for the show! And with how catchy it is we will definitely keep listening to this on repeat for a long time after the show ends!

(Monsta X) Kihyun x Jooheon – Can’t Breathe (Investigation Couple OST)

This song…just WOW! Every now and then a Kdrama song comes along that deserves to be released as an actual single! This is one of those songs! From start to finish we were completely wrapped up in how good this is! Another candidate for Kdrama song of the year perhaps?

VROMANCE – Now (Suits OST)

Suits just keeps on giving us hit after hit! All these songs are so good. ^-^ First they gave us a great Mamamoo track, and now they have given us an incredible track from Mamamoo’s little brother group VROMANCE! Just when we thought we had already heard the best of what the month had to offer this track get’s dropped just as we are about to finish sorting through the songs, and we are so glad it did!

Here are some other great tracks from this month we recommend you check out 😀

That’s our list of the best Kdrama OST songs so far this month, we hope you enjoyed it! If you have any songs you think should have been on this list, or if you just want to talk Kdrama you can either comment here or find us on all of our social media!

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