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K-Drama OST Spotlight: March 2018

As we are marching through March…hehe :3  Korean entertainment companies are dropping OST songs like nobodies business. So many great tracks and it’s only the… 23rd, right? All our fellow K-drama connoisseurs, let us take a moment out of our potentially productive day to have our ears completely and utterly blessed. ^-^

Min Yeon Gi – Forever (Misty OST)

Min Yeon Gi’s voice is so captivating! While listening we found ourselves almost transported to a different world, where nothing exists but yourself and the music…if that sounds too dramatic give the song a listen and you’ll see what we mean! Even if you don’t feel the same way we did, you can at least enjoy this man’s beast mode vocals!

새소년 – Black Sun (Return OST)

Seriously, how good is this song! We are loving the soft rock feel of this track, which just goes to show how versatile this band is! If you close your eyes you can really feel the emotion of this song as it is intended. The chorus is also incredibly catchy, multiple times throughout the day we’ve caught ourselves singing “How beautiful, how wonderful.”

Lee Seung Chul – Someday (Misty OST)

For those of you who don’t already know, Lee Seung Chul is a complete legend in the Korean Music Industry. This man has been and remains to this day a heartthrob for people of many different generations. They say experience shows, and this song proves that point, from start to finish it is a true K-Drama OST masterpiece. Pay attention children, class is in session.

Lee Seok Hoon – Story (Radio Romance)

Lee Seok Hoon of SG WannaBe, another Korean Music Industry legend, here to show all the young ones that they still have a lot to learn. He has that maturity in his voice which makes the emotions throughout the song all the more evident. And although we know he is capable of belting out those power notes, which  Korea loves so much, it is nice to hear him keep it more subdued to fit the style of the song, and what a song it is!

We would also like to offer our congratulations to Lee Seok Hoon and his wife who announced earlier this year they are expecting a child! We wish you and your family the absolute best!

Kim Yeon Ji – Along This Way (Grand Prince OST)

Yeon Ji’s vocals are amazing, any fan of hers would expect nothing less of course. For those who don’t know, Kim Yeon Ji was the lead singer of the girl group SeeYa who were amazing up until their disbandment in 2011. We still miss you SeeYa! This song is truly a credit to those who wrote it, it goes places you’d never expect, like that electric guitar interval halfway through the song, ugh, it’s just so good!

Is anyone watching Grand Prince yet? We haven’t started it yet, but this song has certainly got us all the more excited to check it out!

Han Hee Jeong – Because I Believe (Children of a Lesser God OST)

Sometimes when you hear the first few notes of a drama song you just know it’s gonna be on your playlist for a long time. This was one of those songs for us, from start to finish it can be described simply as amazing! Han Hee Jeong should be applauded for the way she performs this, you feel every emotion as she sings it. Give it a listen, we promise you won’t regret it!

Son Seung Yeon – Love is not True (Grand Prince OST)

We knew it…this is definitely gonna be an emotional rollercoaster of a drama. Song Seung Yeon’s voice is amazing, every single time we hear her sing, whether it is on Immortal Song 2 or one of her own tracks, we are completely blown away by how talented she is. For someone so young to have that level of maturity in her voice is truly incredible! The song itself is so beautiful, the emotions weaved throughout nearly brought us to tears and we haven’t even seen the drama yet!

IMFACT – Truth (Children of a Lesser God OST)

We are beyond happy to see such an underrated group like IMFACT doing so many Drama OST songs lately! This song is awesome, a masterful mix of both the K-Rock and the K-Pop styles, that brilliantly showcases how talented each of the members are.  This is another one of those songs that is definitely gonna be on repeat for quite a while. IMFACT Fighting!

Paul Kim – Every Day, Every Moment (Should We Kiss First? OST)

Paul Kim has come so far, we were fans when all he did was live covers of K-Pop songs in coffee shops. We are so happy to see him now taking part in the OSTs for K-Dramas, and getting some of the attention he definitely deserves. You only need to hear the first few notes he sings to see how good his voice is, a legend in the making! This song has a very pensive, emotional feel, and maintains a very simplistic beauty. It’s the kind that you can just listen to on repeat for ages without ever getting tired of it.

Seung Kwan of SEVENTEEN – Kind of Love (Mother OST)

The K-Drama OST side of the Korean Music Industry is definitely dominated by soloists and ballad singers, so it is always wonderful to see a member of a K-pop group step up to the plate and shine so brightly. All of our fellow Carats can be proud of the incredible job Seung Kwan has done with this song, proving that he is more than capable of standing on his own two feet among the best of  Koreas’ vocalists. Well done Seung Kwan!

Im Han Byul – On The Way (Misty OST)

Not to be confused with Jung Han Byul the former lead vocal of LedApple, Im Han Byul, formerly of A’ST1 & Monday Kiz, showcases his incredible vocals in this track. We keep mentioning emotions, but they are a very integral part of any ballad, and once again we have another performer who brings such a powerful sense of emotion to his song, it is incredible. Misty has had so many great OST songs that it makes us want to go and watch it right now!

Have any of you guys watched Misty? Should we check it out?

As we cannot fit all of the amazing song this month into one article, here are some of the other great tracks we loved that you can check out!


Think we missed any songs that should be on this list? Have you heard these songs? Did you enjoy them as much as we did? Let us know!

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Featured Image Source: © Pretty Sister Who Buys Me Rice Filming Scene, JTBC Korea, 23.03.2018,

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