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K-Drama OST Spotlight: June 2018

Hello, our fellow K-Drama followers! We trust you have all been bingeing well! ^-^ We all know that music is a major part of any K-Drama, it plays a pivotal role in bringing out the emotions of a scene. When it comes to Korean Music, most of the attention is on K-Pop’s biggest groups, but here at IMK, we are of the opinion that K-Drama OSTs are just as important a part of the K-Music scene as any! And so the time has come, once again, for us to shine a light on what we think are the best K-Drama OST tracks from the month!

Babylon – Memories (Lawless Lawyer OST)

Babylon’s voice is the kind of smooth that can potentially leave you weak at the knees, or snatch that metaphorical wig we all seem to be wearing these days…We are totally digging the mellow and deep vibes of this song, plus that 80’s synth that sneaks into the background is such a nice touch! Excuse us while we add this to the office playlist!

VIXX – Is It Love? (Are You Human Too? OST)

As anyone would expect from VIXX, this song is amazing! This style of song is a perfect fit for VIXX’s unique sound, we would totally love to see some more music like this from them. It’s definitely one of those songs that have obvious appeal outside of the drama it was created for. It’s just so upbeat and fun, we’ve already downloaded it!

MINZY – Walking (Investigation Couple OST)

We feel so proud of Minzy and how far she has come in her career since her debut with 2NE1. It isn’t often we get to hear her putting her incredible talents to work in something like a ballad of this nature! It’s easy to see just how talented this woman is, the emotion she conveys in this song is so real, so tangible. Well done Minzy! This is absolutely beautiful. ^-^

Soyeon (LABOUM) – Don’t Go Away (Come and Hug Me OST)

Wow, this is incredible! Soyeon has delivered an absolute masterpiece that left us at a loss for words! Fortunately, we recovered so that we could convey to you just how amazing this song truly is! The perfect mix of melancholy, hopefulness, raw emotion, seamless instrumentals, and a gorgeous voice. What more could you really ask for?

Doyoung (NCT) – Hard For Me (Rich Man OST)

Doyoung of NCT has a voice that reminds us of spring water, it’s just so clean, clear, and pure! Now this song may sound familiar to you, and that would be because we featured this song sung by Cheeze on last month’s list! It’s pretty awesome that the drama has both a male and a female version of the same song, we love when they do this with Drama OSTs! Which do you prefer?

G.URBAN x YUN DAK (OBROJECT) – Sun Like A Star (Investigation Couple OST)

The combination of the two super underrated artists, G.Urban & Yun Dak of Obroject, is absolutely magical. The way they break the retro vibes adding in the chill rap is totally genius. This is definitely going to be on repeat for a long time to come!

Lim Ji-Eun – The Longing Dance (Are You Human Too? OST)

From start to finish this is an absolute masterpiece, an ethereal work of art! Lim Ji-Eun’s voice lends itself to this style so perfectly. The way her voice slowly fades out leaving the sweeping instrumentals was nothing short of epic, and left us with goosebumps. We love it when dramas include these kinds of otherworldly sounding tunes!

Hong Dae-Kwang – My Room (About Time OST)

This is just one of those songs that just leaves you completely relaxed. Hong Dae-Kwang’s vocals are nothing short of pure magic! We have never known him to disappoint, and this song is certainly no exception. Simply wonderful!

Lyn & HanHae – LOVE (Are You Human Too? OST)

Yet another incredible song from the Are You Human Too? OST, this song is a triumph of a collaboration! Whoever decided that Lyn and HanHae should work together deserves a round of applause. Two completely separate styles of artist come together to create a beautiful audible portrait of two lovers. Makes us feel all the hype of this drama even more, anyone else watching it yet?

Lee Seok-Hoon – Okay (Investigation Couple OST)

Lee Seok-Hoon is an absolute ballad legend, the way his stellar vocals play over the melody of this song gave us immediate goosebumps. Just listen to the emotion he brings to what is already such a beautiful tune. This is one of those songs you cannot just listen to once, it calls for at least one immediate replay! ^-^

Here are some other really great songs totally worth checking out!

We hope you ejoyed our list of favourite OST tracks from this month! Think we missed any? Want to chat about K-Drama OSTs? Let us know! You can find us on all of our social media!




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Featured Image Source: © Miss Hammurabi Karaoke, JTBC Korea, 27.06.2018,

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