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K-Drama OST Spotlight: July 2018

This month in K-Drama OSTs we have a mix of many genres from a bunch of big names and some not so well known singers as well! All of them are amazing in their own way, but we have listened to them all and picked out what in our opinion, are the best of the best!

2BIC – Heart (Are You Human Too? OST)

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from vocal duo 2BIC, and when we saw their names on the list we were immediately so hyped! It is clear from the very start of this track it is going to be amazing, and as you get further and further into this song you feel more and more of the intended emotion through their amazing voices! By the time it ended, we were already poised to smash that repeat button multiple times! Overall an outstanding OST song!

JUN (U-KISS) – Because of You (Goodbye to Goodbye OST)

If you only know him as one of the rappers in U-KISS, then you may be surprised to hear him belting out these notes! Because we know we certainly weren’t expecting it, and we already knew he has an incredible singing voice, yet we were still taken by surprise! Jun takes the simple, yet catchy melody and weaves his voice throughout it absolutely seamlessly, making the whole song soar!

Kim Yong Jin (Bohemian) – Everday (Investigation Couple OST)

We don’t know about you, but we have a soft spot for hearing English spoken with a Korean accent! The relatively soft instrumentals of this song mixed together with the rich husky nature of his voice is just a recipe for perfection! We can almost guarantee that you will want to listen to this over and over! We certainly did!

Gilgun Bong (길구봉구) – For The First Time

From the moment this song first opened with the piano notes followed by the sweeping strings, we knew we were going to love it! And then when he started singing we had our feelings 100% confirmed! If you haven’t heard this man sing before, you have been completely missing out! This song is nothing short of a work of art!

Kim Yuna – Days Without Tears (Mr Sunshine OST)

Sometimes you come across a song that is simply put, an absolute masterpiece, this is one of those songs! Yuna’s voice, as always, is flawless. Her ability to convey emotions so effectively brings such a strong sense of melancholy to the song. When every element comes together it is simply beautiful.

RUNY – Always Within Me (Life on Mars OST)

Wow! This song is incredible! The sweeping nature of the instrumentals that play background to the stunning vocals of RUNY are amazing on their own, but then when RUNY starts singing we were immediately left with goosebumps! This song is without a doubt, one of our favourites from this year! We take our hats off to you RUNY, this is a masterpiece!

Han Dong Qn – Home (Life OST)

We’ve been fans of this guy for quite a while, so we knew when we saw the name on the video it was going to be incredible! But we were totally not expecting it to be in English! And you already know how we feel about English with a Korean accent! ^-^ Han Dong Qn is a master at using his voice like it is just another one of the instruments in the song, which makes for some incredible songs, and “Home” is no exception. It’s just wonderful!

ONF – Your Day (Let’s Eat 3 OST)

In a market that is so heavily dominated by ballads, it is wonderful to come across something more upbeat every now and then! And as far as upbeat tracks go, this is one of the best! ONF have put together something that is worthy of being released as just a regular pop song! We seriously can’t get enough of this. It’s crazy to think they are just a rookie group.

Monday Kiz – One Day (Goodbye to Goodbye OST)

We knew Monday Kiz was a good singer, but wow! There are times throughout this song where it legitimately sounds like he is crying, and for all we know he may have been crying in the studio, that’s just how good he is at conveying emotion through his voice! This is just so amazing, and that high note towards the end gave us chills! If you don’t know Monday Kiz, you are totally missing out!

Lee Suhyun (Akdong Musicians) – Sound (Mr Sunshine OST)

To begin with, we are pretty sure Suyhun was born with the voice of an angel. It is just so light and airy and overall beautiful! The song itself is gorgeous, and has a melancholy undertone that adds to its splendour! The soundtrack for this drama just keeps getting better and better with each new release!

DMEANOR – Why Do We (Are You Human Too? OST)

We were so excited to see DMEANOR on this list! We have been big fans for a long time, and he is so underrated, and unknown by so many people. This song, in our minds, perfectly showcases exactly why more people should know him! Just listen to this incredible song, a work of art in every possible way!

EDEN – I’m Curious (Let’s Eat 3 OST)

After listening to EDEN’s vocals in this song we just had to add this to the list! His voice should come with a warning that it may cause bodily harm as you flail about in pure audible joy! It’s just that good! The song itself is pretty subdued and simple, but when that voice hits those high notes, make sure you are prepared!

LeeSA – Save Me (Let Me Introduce Her OST)

LeeSA’s incredibly unique voice, mixed with both the killer slow beat, and ethereal nature of this song not only put it straight on our list but also skyrocketed it up as one of our favourite tracks from the year! The song has so much going on both in the forefront and in the background! We’ve listened to it many times, and we are still noticing new things each time. Also, can we just say, there should be more random choirs showing up in songs. That’s just a fact we all need to accept! ^-^

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Thank you so much for reading! If you like our list or think we missed any songs that should be on here? Perhaps think we chose some that shouldn’t be? make sure to let us know! We’d love to chat with you!

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