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K-Drama OST Spotlight: January 2018

The year has only just begun and already we are being bombarded with a plethora of amazing songs! There have been many much-loved favourites and also a few surprises with who has released OST songs this time around! We are loving pretty much all of them, however, here is a list of a few we are enjoying the most right now!

Bumkey of TROY – When I saw You (A Korean Odyssey OST)

Bumkey’s vocals should come with a warning: Listen and you might experience irregular heartbeat, addiction, and you will definitely melt into a puddle of feels! What a song, from start to finish it had us entranced and in a state of pure bliss! However, we will say this, it’s definitely a unique style for an OST track, not your usual heart-wrenching ballad, furthermore, we give zero zips about this fact! We love it and in the words of Seventeen… 박수!

Sandeul of B1A4 – Other World (Bad Guys: City of Evil OST)

Woah…what? Sandeul? As in the Sandeul from B1A4?  We never thought that he would have done a hard-hitting track like this, not the sweet gummy-smiled angel with hella fine vocals that blesses our ears with ballads and peppy love songs! It is true, however, our Sandeul-i is reaching new heights in his career and showing us all that he can, in fact, do both. hehe XD We are so super proud of you Sandeul!

Bro – I Got Tears (Backflow OST)

Bro, can you like not rip our hearts out! The emotions conveyed in this song are outstanding, it’s so special when a singer has the ability to move an audience with their own emotions. Not much is known about Bro, but we for one know that after listening to this we won’t be forgetting him anytime soon. We take our hats off to you~

Lee Si-Eun – 넌 그렇게 그날 내게로 (Just Between Lovers OST)

Lee Si Eun was a contestant on the popular show ‘Kpop Star’ (back in 2015) she made it into the top 4 and established herself as a strong contender in the Korean music industry. Her powerful vocals bring this emotional track to life and make it soar. The whole soundtrack for “Just Between Lovers” has been awesome so far! Is anyone watching this drama currently?

Gil-Gu-Bong-Gu – With You (Black Knight OST)

Gil-Gu-Bong-Gu a.k.a GB9 is a duo consisting of Lee Bong Goo and  Kang Gil Goo. They have a small fanbase and are extremely underrated for how amazingly talented they are, which of course is evident in this amazing song. We hope that through this track and as their career progresses they gain the popularity they deserve. Support squad! Where you at? Let’s do our duty!

Lee Bada & NiiHWA – Would You (Black Knight OST)

Lee Bada, not to be confused with S.E.S member Bada, sings R&B/Soul and debuted in 2016. NiiHWA is a hip-hop artist who debuted in 2014. To be honest, we never would have actually thought to put these two together, so glad somebody did! Definitely stands out in this drama 🙂

Kang Seung-Yoon of Winner – Golden Slumber (Golden Slumber OST)

Let us all take a moment to admire Seung-Yoon’s English…we all know those drama songs that are in English and make literally zero sense! (Yesh..we still happen to love and listen to them countless times regardless^^) The fact that this makes perfect sense to the native Eng. speakers, sounds epic AND is sung by Seung-Yoon just makes us so happy! T-T  Technically ‘Golden Slumber’ isn’t a drama…it’s a movie!O.O We couldn’t not put it on the list though.

Chang-Min of Homme – Please Stay (Just Between Lovers OST)

The piano and strings in this song are so beautiful and Chang-Min has such a gorgeous voice. The way the combination weaves throughout this masterpiece is giving us goosebumps! They are very well balanced. Hope to see you doing more OST songs Chang-Min, perhaps even with Lee-Hyun:3 (The other half of Homme.)

Melomance – I’ll Be Right Next To You ( A Korean Odyssey OST)

The wind instruments in this song are lit! Totally another Melomance jam to add to our lists! Melomance has been putting out so many OST tracks lately we are starting to wonder if they are being held captive in the recording studio…not that we aren’t grateful for all their hard work, just make sure you take care of yourselves Melomance!

Gu Yoon-Hoe – But Then (Two Cops OST)

K-indie artist Gu Yoon-Hoe has been around for a minute, although most people probably haven’t heard of him unless you happen to be a K-Indie fan. Hopefully, through this amazing song, he will start to earn a little of the recognition we think he definitely deserves! Be sure to check him out~


Here is a rather extensive list of some other tracks that we love!

Have you heard these songs yet? Which ones are your favourites?  Did you miss any tracks you love? Let us know, we would love to chat with you!

Featured Image Source: ©Just Between Lovers shooting scene, JTBC drama, JTBC Co., 21.01.2018,

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