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K-Drama OST Spotlight: August 2018

For every brand new K-Drama there are a ton of new OST songs released, each of them bringing a unique flavour and feel to the drama! These songs may have been created for the drama, but they are often also incredible stand-alone songs as well! We have looked through all of the K-Drama OST’s released this month to bring you a list of our favourites!

Gaho – Time (Time OST)

Sometimes a song comes along that just hits you in the feels and leaves you saying, YAAAAAS! This is one of those songs, from the moment it started to the moment it ended, it held us captivated, enchanted. Gaho has one of those voices that is just so pleasant to listen to, no matter how many times you hear it, it still surprises you! Dare we say another candidate for best song of the year? Yes, we do! ^-^

Melomance – Good Day (Mr. Sunshine OST)

Every time a new song for this drama is released we already know it is going to be incredible! Much like the drama itself is! Melomance have such a unique sound, the mix of vocalist and pianist may sound basic, but nothing these two men do is ever basic. This song is beautifully crafted, and an over-all spectacular work of art!

Sojin (Girl’s Day) – Close Your Eyes (Life OST)

It’s not very often we get a Girl’s Day member other than Minah doing anything solo, so when we saw this on our list we were so excited to check it out! Sojin has an almost pensive and melancholy quality to her voice in this song, that is so calming and almost ethereal. It is a pretty simple song, but Sojin performs it so beautifully, you spend the whole time just wrapped up in her incredible voice and the music! This is a fantastic track!

Hyolyn – Just Stay (Still 17 OST)

Hyolyn always delivers incredible music, we always get excited when we see she has done a song for a drama. The unique husky and somewhat breathy tone of her voice is just magical, and then she hits you with a power note and you practically melt! This song is again, not the most complex or musically impressive, but Hyolyn’s voice elevates it into something truly marvellous!

SF9 – Love Me Again (Familiar Wife OST)

There are occasionally those drama songs that feel more like a regular K-Pop song, one that you would perhaps see as an awesome B-side track on a groups album! To us, this is one of those songs! Regardless of this fact, this is an incredible track! SF9 have been rising through the ranks of the Korean Music world quite rapidly this year, especially after the recent release of their outstanding mini album, Sensuous. We would love to see them doing more of this kind of music for future dramas because it is awesome!

Kim E-Z – Shine (Your Honor OST)

To say this is an excellent song, would be a terrible injustice, it is so much more than excellent. This is what we call art. The way her soft tones play against the dramatic and sweeping instruments is bordering on otherworldly. All the people involved in this song need to stand up and take a bow because this is a masterpiece. When you think about epic K-Drama music, this is the kind of thing that comes to mind!

Sohyang – Close Your Eyes (Time OST)

Make way for the Queen! It isn’t hard to see, or in this case hear, why Sohyang is renowned as one of Korea’s and indeed the worlds best vocalists. She has an incredible range and can belt out power note after power note and then slide into her high whistle register for even more belting. But then, she can also bring it down and give us much more mellow and emotional tracks like this. We are left dazed and in awe every time she sings!

Junggigo – D-Day (My ID is Gangnam Beauty OST)

Junggigo is such a versatile artist. He can bring you to the verge of tears with an emotional ballad, have you feeling sexy with a smooth RnB track, and then turn around and make you feel like you could conquer the world dancing, with a song like this! We can’t stop repeating and grooving along to this! It’s just such a catchy and happy song!

Nuest W – And I (Mr. Sunshine OST)

The boys of Nuest W have done something quite amazing here! Although we love the group, we were slightly skeptical about them doing a song for a period drama. Our doubts as it turned out, were totally unfounded, because this song fits the drama perfectly, rap lines and all! Every member brings such a unique flavour to this song! It definitely needs to be listened to more than once to fully appreciate it for how incredible it actually is!

Kim Yeonji – Voice (Voice 2 OST)

There aren’t enough K-Drama rock songs! This is incredible, Yeonji is definitely one of our favourite vocalists, and her voice suits this genre so well! Anyone else getting some slight Evernesse vibes? This drama has only recently started, and we have yet to dive into watching it, but this song has us so hyped! It’s been on repeat on and off all day, and to be honest we don’t see any signs of that trend stopping any time soon! XD

Jeon Woo Sung (Noel) – Homecoming (Life OST)

‘The Life’ drama soundtrack has been incredible so far! So many good songs and this is no exception! Jeon Woo Sung’s legendary voice adds such a raw emotional feel to this track. Just listen to those notes, wow! It fits the feel of the drama perfectly. As one would expect of such a talented and experienced veteran of the K-Music world, this is absolute perfection~

Jude (BIGSTAR) – KISS KISS (Revenge Note 2 OST)

Okay, so real talk, this song is amazing! Can we please get an all member version of this track on BIGSTAR’s next album, pretty please?! XD We’ve had a couple of songs along this vein this month, songs that feel more like a K-pop track than a K-Drama OST song, but we aren’t complaining, because as you can hear for yourself, they are so good! Excuse us while we add this to the office playlist and jam out for a while longer!

데이먼 – I Show You (Your Honor OST)

Gotta love those last minute releases, after hearing it, we couldn’t leave this song out! It gives you that feeling that you can accomplish anything with enough determination and perseverance. This one is definitely going on our motivation playlist! And can we please take a moment to just appreciate how incredible this voice is? ^-^

That concludes our list of favourite OST songs from the month of August. There were so many good ones this month! But then again, there are so many good ones every month… XD The good news is, that means we are never going to be short on fantastic new songs to listen to! So, we hope to see you next month for more awesome drama music! 😀

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Featured Image Source: © Lovely Horribly x Myeong-Minho Poster, KBS Korea, 29.08.2018,

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