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K-Drama OST Spotlight: April 2018

Every month we are flooded with a plethora of brand new K-dramas and K-Drama episodes. And to make things even better with each new series comes new music too! Which is awesome because K-Dramas and K-Music are two of our favourite things! ^-^ As usual, we have sifted through all of April’s releases so far and are ready to bring you our list of the absolute best! So buckle up everyone and get ready to delve into all of these amazing songs!

Jungyup – LOST ‘produced by Maktub’ (That Man’s Water OST)

As usual Jungyup’s vocals are incredible and so perfect for this song. He doesn’t overdo things with a bunch of crazy belts, but still manages to make this song absolutely soar! We’ve come to the realization that anytime Maktub has anything to do with a song it is going to be 100% amazing, wether he is singing on the track himself, or producing it like this one! These two work so incredibly well together, we want more! For those of you who don’t know, Jungyup is the leader of the popular R&B group ‘Brown Eyed Soul’ who debuted in 2003. Maktub is a solo singer/songwriter/producer who owns his own label. We highly recommend you check them both out. ^-^


Bro – 참고 참았던 말 (House of Dolls OST)

Bro has this way of always taking you by surprise, no matter how many times you hear music from them, they always leave you thinking WOW! As always the vocals are completely on point. The emotion that fills the entire song almost had us in tears by the time the song ended, and the power notes gave us goosebumps! If you don’t know Bro, you’re missing out! They are definitely worth you taking the time to check them out!

NiiHWA – Quiet (Children of a Lesser God OST)

NiiHWA is one of those artists who flies pretty low under the radar, so many people are shocked at how amazing he is when they first hear him, then there are those, like us, who have been big fans of NiiHWA since he debuted! This is one of those songs that definitely reaches beyond the drama it was written for. We are definitely gonna be playing this song on repeat for a long time! It’s just that good. 🙂

SOYA – No One (Switch OST)

Epic, incredible, amazing, masterpiece, flawless…these are the words that come to mind when trying to describe this song. Truly it is a total work of art in every aspect, from the production to the vocals, it’s so good! The K-Drama OST world is so heavily dominated by ballads, that it can be so great to have a kind of dark pop song like this. We really love it! We can see this one being pretty high up on the music charts if it had been released as a single.

Lee Hong Gi of FTISLAND – Raise Me Up (Switch OST)

The rock vocal powerhouse that is Lee Hong Gi certainly did not disappoint with this song. “Raise Me Up” is definitely one of the best songs of the month in our opinion, K-Drama OST or not. It’s one of those songs that just grabs hold of you as you listen and won’t let go. All we can do is take our hats off to all those involved. Well done Mister Lee Hong Gi, very well done!

Vincent Blue – There is a Rainbow Band Version (My Uncle OST)

From the beginning to the end this track is so beautifully ethereal, it’s almost hypnotic. The general soft tone of the song makes it so incredibly easy to listen to. You could have this song on repeat for ages without even realizing it. If you close your eyes when you listen it’s almost as if nothing else exists but you and the song. Truly a masterpiece!

Eunkwang of BTOB – Dreaming of Spring (Queen of Reason 2 OST)

Eunkwang of BTOB is undoubtedly one of the greatest vocalists in K-Pop, his versatility is incredible! Every time we hear him sing, no matter the genre, we fall deeper in love with his amazing tones. Just listen to how his voice doesn’t sit on top of the instruments, it melds with them perfectly. The song is audible artwork at it’s finest. We haven’t seen this drama yet, but this track makes us want to go and start the drama right now!

Bily Acoustie – Monochrome (Miracle We Met OST)

If you haven’t heard of the incredible artist Bily Acoustie before, now is your chance! This song is so good it isn’t just one of our contenders for best OST songs this month, in our humble opinion, this is one of the greatest songs of the year so far! And yes, we know that’s saying something…don’t believe us? Well give it a listen and you’ll see what we mean! From start to finish this song is an absolute delight to listen to. ^-^

Rachael Yamagata – La La La (Something in the Rain OST)

It isn’t often we find American singers on our K-Drama list, but Rachael Yamagata’s music has found its way onto the Something in the Rain OST (Also called Pretty Sister Who Buys Me Rice, in case anyone was confused.) and we are totally in love! Her voice is incredible and her music completely matches the tone of the drama! Anyone else loving the almost melancholy yet beautiful vibes of this song?

Yang Da Il – With You (Great Seducer OST)

Yang Da Il is one of those vocalists you just can’t help but fall in love with when you hear him sing. Anytime we see he has released a K-Drama song, we pretty much immediately know he is going to make our list. That’s just how good he is! He conveys the emotion in this track perfectly. You know it’s a good song when the singer makes you feel exactly what they are feeling while singing, and that’s exactly what he does!

휘 – Wind Flower (That Man’s Water OST)

Just listen to how good these vocals are! From start to finish the song just soars! We literally cannot stop listening to this, and it fits the drama so perfectly! If you haven’t started watching That Man Oh Soo, (or That Man’s Water) yet, we definitely recommend you check it out, even if it’s just for all the awesome music, like this song!

Ahn Se-Kwon – A Poem (A Rich Family’s Son OST)

Ahn Se-Kwon has certainly come a long way, from being a contestant on Korea’s Got Talent to now singing an OST for a K-Drama! And what a song it is too! We feel so proud of him. ^-^ There aren’t too many opera songs in K-Dramas, so we always love to hear them when they pop up, and as usual we absolutely love this song to bits, we hope you’ll love it too!

There were so many great songs this month, and unfortunately, we can’t share them all, so here are some other really awesome songs from this month we recommend you check out!

Like our list? Think we are missing something? Let us know!

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Featured Image Source: © Yoon Jin-Ah I Love You (Photo Gallery), JTBC Korea, 28.04.2018,

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