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Jannabi, ‘Summer’- K-SPOTLIGHT

Jannabi are an indie rock band, so-named due to their members being born in the year of the monkey (which is what ‘jannabi’ can be translated to). They are back with a distinctly different album from that being offered from other groups, called ‘Monkey Hotel’. We would like to highlight one particular song from the album, called ‘Summer’. Read on to find out more!

The overall sound of the album harks back to sounds of the past, but the songs are layered with modern touches, which makes Jannabi’s newest offerings an exciting change to conventional ballads and EDM tracks that frequent the Kpop scene. At times, we were transported to the world of musicals and in others we were hit with guitar riffs and a rockier edge, so it really is an album worth investing in!

We would like to particularly recommend ‘Summer’, a love song with nuances of complexities, and a wistful nature. It reminds us of slower Buddy Holly songs. The gentle strumming of the guitar makes for a melancholy introduction, before drums start to kick in. The chorus is rich with piano, strings and supporting vocals, giving this track a great sound that suits the winter season, despite the title appearing to suggest otherwise! The lyrics sing of a lost love, and a yearning for that love to return.

The music video tells a sweet story about a young couple, how they meet, and how their relationship develops from its awkward initial stages. However, sadness is around the corner for them, and the video ends with a slightly ambiguous ending, but we like to think that the ringing of the bell to signify the opening of a cafe door, signals hope. Watch the video below, we hope you enjoy the song by Jannabi!

Featured image source: © Monkey Hotel. Jannabi.21.11.2016. Amazon website.

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