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Interview with 1NB – K-SPOTLIGHT (Special)

We are making this edition of the K-SPOTLIGHT a K-pop one! We are pleased to present a special interview with a new 5 member girl group called 1NB and help to introduce them to our K-SPOTLIGHT readers! They are at the very beginnings of their journey into the music industry, so we managed to ask a few questions about some of their experiences so far.

1NB have adopted a thriller concept for their first few comebacks, which was something we thought was a fresh take on K-pop. Be warned if you have a nervous disposition or are easily scared (note also that the videos have age-ratings)! Their first three songs are called Stalker, Where U At (which is the song that we most recommend), and Winter Again.

Stalker is electronica-based, Where U At is atmospheric pop, and Winter Again is a ballad track. The MVs have a cinematic feel, so if you are looking for some dark drama with your K-pop, 1NB’s music and MVs are definitely something to take a look at! We’ve inserted the MVs into the interview, so get reading 🙂

Special thanks go to the members of 1NB (Shinhye, Leeda, Sojung, Jayeon and Hajung) for taking time out of their busy schedules to answer our questions, and to Woojuci Chief Operating Officer Luffy for facilitating the interview. We were touched by their dreams to become great singers on stage! Please give the girls a chance. Good luck 1NB members 🙂 We wish you all the best in your activities this year!


소정 ©1NB, Woojuci. 12.12.2018


1. Hello 1NB! Congratulations for your debut! Can you introduce your group?

Hello everyone:)

Our group name, 1NB has the meaning of ‘One New Best, One And Beautiful’. We are a five member girl group!


2. Can each person tell us something interesting about another member?

LEEDA: I thought that Sojung would be as flexible as her sister, Hajung, but she was actually really stiff!

SHINHYE: Jayeon always drops things.

JAYEON: Sojung is naturally flexible like a ballerina.

SOJUNG: SOJUNG expressed Hajung like this 🙂 Hajung has a long tongue so I think she can put it in her nose!

HAJUNG: I’m always surprised that Leeda does not get fat even if she eats a lot of rice.


3. When and how did each member become interested in singing and becoming a K-pop artist?

JAYEON: I watched BoA’s appearances on TV and she inspired my dream of becoming a singer.

SHINHYE: I’ve hoped to become a singer ever since I was 5 years old. As a child, I loved to follow the dance of Lee Jung-hyun 🙂

LEEDA: I’ve been dancing since elementary school, and I always liked to sing during that time. Music class was also my favorite class.

SOJUNG: When I was a junior high school student, I watched the Wonder Girls’ stage when they performed ‘Nobody’. That was when my dreams of becoming a singer stemmed from.

HAJUNG: From when I was child, I followed the activities of many singers (much like other fans!) From then I had a dream about being a singer. I was able to sing different songs and learn many dances. I think our group allows the public to know the various colours of 1NB.


***WARNING: This video is rated 15***



4. ‘Where U at’ and ‘Stalker’ MVs both have a thriller drama feeling about them. Will your concept continue this idea for more songs?

We aren’t sure yet, but we do want to make 1NB more colorful and to show our audience many other sides of 1NB too.


5. How long did it take to film and shoot the music videos?

It took 2 days and 1 night. We were tired but also extremely proud to see our music video being completed!


신혜 ©1NB, Woojuci. 12.12.2018


6. We really liked ‘Where U at’, it’s very different from the usual K-pop girl group style (‘Dreamcatcher’ are the only other group doing a similar concept). How did you feel about debuting with a very distinct and dark type of song? Has the reception been good about it in Korea?

To be honest, we aren’t certain at the moment. People around us say that they think we are a group with a unique concept and atmosphere so we hope that the public will be positive about our concept too!


***WARNING: This video is rated 19***


7. What are you feelings about your debut so far? What has your experience been like with training and now performing on music shows?

We just made our debut and we definitely wish to do more activities in the future.

Each of us would like to show our fans wonderful performances on stage by incorporating contemporary dance, ballet, and Korean dance skills that we’ve developed.


8. What happens on the days when you are recording for a music show? Is there a lot of waiting before you have rehearsals or perform the final stage?

We have to perfect our stage look and have several rehearsals. After the music show is over, we’re off again to practice for the next stage.


9. Are you fans of any other K-pop idols or groups? Have you been excited to meet any of them during promotions? And what are your favourite songs to listen to during free time?

It was such an honour to see other seniors, but the most memorable for us was RAIN!

We were able to take pictures with him and watched his stage performance, it was so amazing and he was really coooooool 🙂

We love all the songs on his new album so we’re going to listen to them during our free time!


이다 ©1NB, Woojuci. 12.12.2018


10. What do you practice during a rehearsal? What do you think the most important thing to focus on when you are on stage?

We work on synchronising movements between dancers during a rehearsal. The most important thing is to have confidence when in front of the camera.

11. What do you think has been the best thing about promotions so far?

Our unique concept seems to have played the most important role. We did a lot of practice to create a mood that matches that concept.


12. And what has been the most exciting moment?

For any singer, being able to stand on a stage for a music broadcast itself is the happiest and most exciting experience. We would like to have a lot of stage experiences in the future!


자연 ©1NB, Woojuci. 12.12.2018



13. Is any member interested in songwriting and maybe writing lyrics or composing in future?

Jayeon’s long-term dream is to become a singer-songwriter. Our other members are also interested in writing lyrics and making music. We hope that opportunity will come soon!


14. We were looking forward to some of your members appearing on the TV show, ‘The Unit’. What happened?

Thank you for cheering for us! But we were not able to participate because of our debut plan.

If we participated, it would have been a very good experience. T.T


15. What are your favourite foods? Are there any types of food from other countries that you might be curious to try?

We are all very good at eating hehe^^!! We want to eat all the local food when overseas!!


하정 ©1NB, Woojuci. 12.12.2018


16. What are each member’s hobbies apart from music?

Jayeon likes to read self-help books, Shinhye collects cosmetics and likes to buy toys that you put together/build, Sojung enjoys adding to her collection of teddy bears, and Hajung writes diaries.


17. If you could swop a characteristic with any other member, who would you choose and why?
  • Jayeon wants to be multi-talented like Leeda
  • Leeda would like to have a flexible body like Hajung
  • Sojung envys Jayeon’s pale complexion
  • Shinhye wants to have a slim figure like Sojeong
  • Hajung wants to be tall like Shinhye and have her feminine charm


18. If you could only bring one member with you on holiday, who would you choose and why?

Jayeon would go with Shinhye on an eating tour, while Shinhye chose Leeda who has a bright personality. Sojung would keep Hajung company, and lastly Leeda doesn’t pick favourites(!), so she wants to have a pleasant trip with all of the 1NB members.


19. In the UK, people sometimes make New Year’s resolutions. What would your New Year’s resolutions be?

We want to do some overseas activities and to be close to our fans! We hope that many people will come to know and love our group.

Hopefully all our activities as 1NB will be great in 2018, 1NB fighting!!


20. What is next for your group? What other activities will you have in 2018? Can we expect an album soon?

We going to prepare our next album, and many more activities are planned for 1NB. Please give us a lot of interest and love 🙂

(Responses have been partially edited for clarity)

Thanks again to the 1NB members! They worked hard. If you would like to know more about their activities, why not follow at their social media channels? Official links are below!


1NB official twitter:

1NB official Instagram:

1NB videos on YouTube:


© Interview with 1NB. 29.01.2018. Inspire Me Korea.

Featured image and in-article images source © 1NB. 12.12.2017. Woojuci. All rights reserved. Images were received by 1NB management for specific use in this article. No reproduction is allowed without permission.

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