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~IMK’s Ultimate Halloween Playlist~

Halloween is here and it’s time for all things scary…or not, perhaps you’re just into the candy. Either way, all K-Pop fans can agree that a major part of this celebration (or any celebration) is the music. So, Inspire Me Korea has put together the ultimate Halloween playlist for all of you to enjoy at this spooky time.

Just a quick reminder that as this is a Halloween playlist, there will be some darker themed songs and MV’s.

Baksal – Halloween ft. Aoora & MiMi

Time to get the party started with Baksal! This is definitely our go-to Halloween song. Not only is it perfect for this time of year, it’s also a bop, AND it features Aoora and MiMi! What’s not to love?


9Muses – Remember

I think we can all agree that this MV is creeeepy…even the vocals in the song have an eerie feel to them. 9Muses play their roles perfectly…whether the MV is actually about murdering a photographer, or the death of innocence, we know one thing for sure, we feel sorry for the teddy bear…

Ze:A – Ghost of the Wind

As the song starts it is clear something isn’t quite right, but for the most part, it still seems just like a song about a guy who doesn’t want to break up with his girl, but as it progresses it becomes clearer and clearer that things are not quite what they seem. A very haunting experience indeed…

Dreamcatcher – Chase Me

The almost classic horror film feel to this MV is incredible! We never would have seen this being the direction the bright and bubbly girl group MINX would have gone, but their re-debut as Dreamcatcher has certainly garnered them more attention, either way, no Halloween Playlist could be complete without at least one of their tracks.

SPEED – Zombie Party

We strongly believe that ‘Zombie Party’ is a must for any Halloween party…and if these dance moves aren’t something you pull out whenever you go to a Halloween party, they definitely should be. As far as the MV goes, these are probably some of the best looking Zombies we have ever seen. I’m sure there are some of us who wouldn’t mind at all if this is what we can expect from a Zombie apocalypse. If there are any Shannon Williams fans here, keep watching to the end!

Cho A – Flame

Ah, the struggles of being a vampire…something we will never be able to fully understand…we hope. A glimpse into the melancholy side of vampirism…as she struggles with her happy memories of her time in the sun. Ex-member of AOA Cho A performs this song so well, it’s sad to think she has decided to leave the music scene entirely…but we still wish her the absolute best.

BIGFLO – Obliviate

After what turned out to be quite a substantial hiatus, Bigflo finally returned to the K-Pop scene with this awesome track. The perfect balance of crazy, creepy, and fun! It’s not hard to see why this ended up on our playlist.

Rainbow – Black Swan

So it may not be zombies, ghosts, ghouls, or vampires…but that feeling that you are trapped and slowly going insane can be just as scary. A very interesting and very well executed concept.

BTOB – Thriller

This song is iconic as far as K-Pop and Halloween go. We can almost assure you that by the end of the song you’ll be singing  “Thriller” each and every time they do. It’s an added bonus that you get a bunch of good-looking guys dancing in a misty graveyard.

Lee Jung Hyun – V

Many K-pop fans, especially the new generation of fans, may not be aware of how big a deal Jung Hyun is. This girl is a techno-pop legend in Korea. Although different from her usual style, this is a must for a lot of Kpop fans at Halloween time and we have to agree with the majority that this song is legit a Halloween Kpop classic.

So right now you might be thinking, ultimate Halloween Playlist? Without VIXX? Where’s 4Minute? What about Block B? Well, fear not, we are not crazy, we simply could not fit all 100 songs in one article. We have created a special YouTube playlist of all our favourite Halloween tracks. You can check that out by following the link! Enjoy!!!

What are some of your favourite Halloween K-Pop songs? Did you enjoy our list? Think we forgot something you want us to include? Let us know! We would love to talk K-pop with you!

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