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Dreamcatcher: ‘Chase Me’ – K-SPOTLIGHT

Happyface Entertainment have given one of their girl groups a revamp, and renamed them Dreamcatcher (드림캐쳐). This new lineup have debuted with an eerie concept, with their single album called ‘Nightmare’ even being released on Friday the 13th! We were impressed with the title song ‘Chase Me’ so read on for our detailed review!

The majority of the members of Dreamcatcher were part of a girl group called MINX that debuted in 2014. Unfortunately their music did not chart well and they were unable to capture the attention of the public. The company decided that an overhaul and reboot was needed to bring some positive attention to the group; they added two new members in addition to choosing a new concept for them. This now brings the total number of members to 7 (Jiu, Sua, Siyeon, Handong, Yoohyeon, Dami and Gahyeon). Pictures of each of them were shot in both a dark horror and natural forest setting and used as teasers prior to their debut. For more photographs, check out their official website!


Image source: © Dreamcatcher Debut Single [Nightmare 惡夢] Teaser image 08. Happyface Entertainment. 18.01.2017. Dreamcatcher official twitter.

The name Dreamcatcher easily lends itself to the design of their distinctive logo, and their debut concept is definitely something that makes them stand out from the rest of January’s Kpop releases. The girls are performing on music shows in Japanese yukata with the right side wrapped over the left, which is part of the ritual carried out for dressing the deceased for a funeral. This attention to detail really peaked our interest!

The beginning of ’Chase Me’ sounds sombre, with the lone melody of piano introducing the track. When the singing starts, however, unexpectedly the pace of the song is fairly quick! The premise of the MV is that a ghosthunter arrives in a building looking to capture the girls who are ghosts. The mood is set with effective use of lighting and flashbacks which allow the members to do a little acting (contrasting more lighthearted scenes with the thriller aspect of the MV). It also allows the girls to make a few costume changes!

Another interesting thing is that the style of the song sounds like J-rock, being high energy and fueled with electric guitar riffs. The chorus of ‘Chase Me’ is where this becomes particularly apparent. You could imagine a song like this being used as an anime opening! The tempo suffers a little with the rap section. Though immediately after it, there is a scene with candles and flowers in the MV which grabs your interest once more. In the MV, there are a few additional touches at the beginning and the end. The start incorporates a few bars of haunting effects and in the final scenes the sound of a music box and ticking of a clock makes for a dramatic and spooky finish.

It also looks like the storyline will continue! All in all, we think that this was a very good debut effort.

There is a dance video which highlights the fast choreography for ‘Chase Me’. Dreamcatcher use bigger movements for this song, and the dance has points where they break up into smaller units (2-3-2 formation) or where they dance around single members at highlighted parts. We think that the choreography is jam-packed and is sure to make their stage performances very exciting! It is unusual for a girl group to dance such difficult and fast choreography (which is commonly given to male groups). The closest comparison would probably be Gfriend with their song ‘Rough’, but ‘Chase Me’ takes this to another level.

The other songs on the ‘Nightmare’ single album are a short intro titled ‘Welcome to Dream’ and ‘Emotion’ which is a slow ballad.

We hope that Dreamcatcher are successful with this song, and keep this concept for a little longer! What do you think of their debut and promoted track ‘Chase Me’? Let us know!

Featured image source: © Dreamcatcher debut single cover. Kpopscene. 18.01.2017. Kpopscene website.

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