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December K-Drama OST Spotlight

It’s hard to believe this is the last OST spotlight for 2017, the year has gone by so fast! Although we are only just getting into the month, there is already a plethora of amazing OST songs to delight our ears!  Let’s get started and dive right on into some of the ones we are loving the most so far!

Kim EZ of Ggotjam Project – Sunshine (Andante OST)

Acoustic guitar, strings, and piano? Plus Kim EZ’s pristine voice serenading us? We are in love with this woman! Of late she has done so many tracks for various OSTs and honestly, we couldn’t be happier about it! 😀 Miss EZ, you are definitely our sunshine. <3

Tae-Won – Look At You (Happy Sisters OST)

After listening to this song we only have one thing we can say…Slay Tae-Won, SLAAAAY! This man’s voice is golden, if your ears have not been blessed by him yet, then you are definitely missing out! We honestly don’t know all that much about Tae-Won, but we can promise we will be doing our homework on this wonderful singer!

VOISPER – Let’s Not Ask (Two Cops OST)

Voisper hittin’ us with something a little different from their usual style. We all love Voisper’s incredible harmonies and amazing ballad songs, it is really great to see how versatile they can be as artists. Basically, this song is totally a k-drama bop and you need it in your ears…right now.:3

Zitten – I Open My Eyes (Just Between Lovers OST)

Zitten executes this song perfectly, the raw emotion really sets up the feel for this drama. Previously a duo, Zitten now only consists of vocalist Seong Yong-Uk. T^T  However, that doesn’t take away from this awesome performance at all. We hope that he receives lots of love for this song, because as you can hear, it is certainly deserved. Zitten Fighting!!

Maktub & Seo Young-Eun – Age (Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me OST)

What a song! Maktub is seriously underrated for how talented he is, and Seo Young-Eun is a well-known singer in Korea. Together they have created a masterpiece. Can’t wait to see what other artists this soundtrack manages to pull in. KBS know’s where it’s at 😉

Shim Gyu-Sun a.k.a Lucia – That’s It (Judge vs. Judge OST)

Like a lullaby, Lucia is melodically singing us into a trance of relaxation and happy soft vibes of beautiful-ness.^^ hehe  Lucia has worked with many popular artists and helped make them shine, however, when it comes to her music she is not interested in being popular with writing and producing what  everyone would like (which most know she is capable of) her sole purpose is to write music that is inspiring and that has heart, more importantly, the power to heal emotional wounds. What a woman!

Gummy – Angel (The Most Beautiful Goodbye OST)

Let’s be honest, when it comes to Gummy, you know it is going to be a good song. We went into this expecting great things from this legendary singer, and we were not disappointed! A heart-wrenching song for a heart-wrenching drama, grab your tissues everyone, the emotions are strong with this one, and the tears will be flowing.

Yu Seung-Eun – Fall In Love (Two Cops OST)

Another great song from ‘Two Cops’ we haven’t started watching this drama yet, but we are so looking forward to checking it out! Yu Seung-Eun hasn’t done that much yet, but we are highly anticipating future releases from her! Really gorgeous voice. Thank you for this awesome track!

Soul Dive – Doubtful Victory (Doubtful Victory OST)

There have been quite a few rap songs in K-Dramas lately, and to be honest, this is one of the best, and one of our favourites so far! Soul Dive really hits the nail on the head with this one, they had us so hyped, jamming out to this song!  It’s legit bomb! We are looking forward to seeing who’s gonna be raising the bar for rap tracks in K-Dramas next. Will they top Soul Dive? We will have to wait and see!

Every Single Day – Get Me Now (Jugglers OST)

This song has such a happy-go-lucky vibe! We loved it from the first few notes played on the bass. This trio has been on the music scene since 1997 and is well-loved in Korea…it isn’t hard to see why! If you haven’t heard of ‘Every Single Day’ before, you definitely need to check this song out!

Here are some other great OST tracks to check out from this month so far!

Did we miss any of your favourite songs from the month so far? Have any thoughts on the songs we picked? Let us know!

Featured Image Source: ©Two Cops Shooting Scene, MBC, 12.12.2017,

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