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After 9 months, DAY6 have finally made their comeback and we couldn’t be more excited for it! This year, they have a new concept called Every DAY6, where every month the group will release a new single. I Wait, which the group made a music video for, and Goodbye Winter make up the five-member group’s first single of the year, entitled Every DAY6 January.

Although signed under JYP Entertainment and largely considered to be a K-Pop group, they are actually a rock band! From watching their videos you can see that they all play an instrument which shows how talented they are. Unlike most groups in the K-Pop industry, DAY6 don’t appear on talk shows or music stages very often as they want to be known as musicians and artists, not idols. We applaud that they’re staying true to themselves!

Major cities around the world such as New York and London serve as the backdrop for the music video. Along with the sped up projections of traffic, passers-by and flashing lights, this gives the MV a busy and lively feel which contradicts the slow rhythm of the song.

The message of ‘I Wait’ is very deep and emotional with very expressive and direct lyrics. At first, the members are in denial of their feelings for someone. They want that person to say that they don’t care and aren’t interested in them. As the song progresses, the depth of their love and desire to be with that person becomes clear.

What we love about this song is the complexity of the music. From an electro pulse at the beginning to sweet, romantic vocals throughout, there’s lots to enjoy with this song. We can’t wait to listen to DAY6’s future releases this year, and hopefully they’ll get the recognition that they deserve!

Watch the music video here!

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