Cheese Kimbap! -TRENDING

It’s funny what catches public attention sometimes! This time, it’s a trending video clip featuring the phrase ‘Cheese Kimbap!’

This clip comes from K-variety. Recently, members of TWICE participated in an episode of the Knowing BROS. TV programme with the regular cast. If you watch Korean variety shows, you will know about the game in which each member of the team tries to speak a word or phrase clearly enough so that the next member can guess what it is. The tricky part is that everyone is wearing headphones that are blasting music into their ears!

Sana, one of the Japanese members of TWICE, was already generating a lot of laughs for her cute reactions at the beginning of the game. But the part which is trending is related to the second question in the video clip (it starts at the 1:10 mark if you want to skip to it). The phrase they had to communicate was ‘cheese kimbap’ and when Sana first guessed the answer, her adorable expression is priceless!

It’s also funny to see Tzuyu forget what she was trying to communicate! But Jeongyeon was so good at the game.

Watch the clip below to see for yourselves!

(Video source: JBTC Entertainment YouTube channel)


Featured image source: © JYP Entertainment. TWICE Gallery. 17.06.2017. Twice, JYP Entertainment website.

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