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Best OST songs of October 2017

As we wave goodbye to October, we also say farewell to an amazing month of great OST songs.  Before we get too far into November and all the great music it will have to offer, we want to take a moment to share some of our favourite OST songs from last month. Here is our list of the best OST songs from October!

MeloMance – Deepen (Yellow OST)

Not the usual Melomance style…and we’re loving it!! With Min-Seok’s unique and amazing vocals and Dong-Hwan’s skillfully played piano melodies this song is a must for every K-drama OST fan. We can’t stop listening to it!

NiiHWA – What I Want (Mad Dog OST)

Every now and then you get a K-drama OST song that sounds less like an OST and more like a song an idol group would have released. This is one of those times!!! We love NiiHWA and if you haven’t heard of him before, you are missing out! We’re super hyped about the Mad Dog soundtrack, so far the songs for this drama have been legit awesome and we can’t wait to see what else it has in store for us 🙂

Monogram – Lucid Dream (While You Were Sleeping OST)

Is there a song from this drama that hasn’t been a hit? Not that we’re complaining! Now, when monogram debuted earlier this year we knew they would bring something refreshing to the table, however, we still didn’t see this one coming. Their voices work SO well together and the melody is really catchy!  We are so proud that they got the opportunity to do a track for this drama. Monogram! Fighting!

Sohyang – Wind’s Song (Go Back Couple OST)

Any time Sohyang releases an OST song, you immediately know two things. One, it is going to be an amazing song, and two, the drama is definitely going to be worth watching. The emotion she conveys with just her voice almost had us in tears, a truly beautiful performance of a truly beautiful song.

John Park – Fateful Love (The Package OST)

From the very first note he sings, we were totally hooked! From start to finish this is an incredible OST song, that we will definitely be listening to outside the drama for quite a long time. Unfortunately, he is not really very well known as a singer. Hopefully, this song will help boost his popularity, because he totally deserves so much more love than he gets. John Park, fighting!

Lee Jeong-Suk – Come To Me (While You Were Sleeping OST)

So he’s attractive, he is an amazing actor, and now we find out he is a great singer too? We absolutely love it when the actors in a drama also contribute to its OST, and this is definitely no exception. All we can do is take our hats off to Lee Jeong-Suk, well done sir, well done.

IVY – Day By Day (Bravo My Life OST)

IVY’s vocals are so crystal and clear in this song. It’s been a while since we have heard anything from IVY, and we are so pleased to hear her return with such an amazing song as this!  For the newer fans of Korean music who don’t know IVY, we definitely recommend you check this award-winning veteran out. You won’t regret it. 🙂

Fromm – Wonderful Moment (Temperature of Love OST)

You can always rely on Fromm when you are looking for amazing soundtracks. The way the piano and Yoo-Jin’s voice come together is magic. She has certainly come a long way from being an unknown K-Indie artist to where she is now. We sincerely hope that through these OST songs she will get more recognition. You got this Yoo-Jin!

Eddy Kim – When Night Falls (While You Were Sleeping OST)

If you read our OST spotlight article early last month, you may have been expecting this. Eddy Kim, this one has been listened to many many times already and will be listened to many more times as well. This song is simply a masterpiece.

Suzy – I Love You Boy (While You Were Sleeping OST)

Surprise surprise, another While You Were Sleeping song…like most, we absolutely love this soundtrack and drama, everything about it has been absolute gold. We think it is pretty awesome that both the lead actor and actress have done a song for the OST. They are both so talented. Bit of a fun fact, “I Love You Boy” has been nominated at the MAMAs as the ‘Best OST Song of the Year.’

Here are a few more of our favourites you can check out!

That’s our list of the best K-Drama OSRT songs for the month of October. Did you enjoy our list? Do you agree with our choices?  Did we miss any of your favourites from the month? Let us know!

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