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Are you a fan of dance and cool choreography? 1MILLION Dance Studio in Seoul is well known for creating hard-hitting moves and amazing eye-catching choreography to K-pop and western music. Their videos have racked up millions of views on YouTube. Some of their choreographers have even come up with routines for K-pop groups and soloists! If you haven’t heard of 1Million Dance Studio already, we’ve listed some of our favourites here to get you started. You’ll be hooked into watching their videos in no time at all!


1. Mina Myoung – Lemon (N.E.R.D & Rihanna)

Mina is a top-notch choreographer, and this routine is matched to the catchy ‘Lemon’ by N.E.R.D. It’s fun yet edgy, slick with arm and hand movements in particular. Mina is the centre for the first group, wearing the yellow jacket. We like that the dancers get to freestyle at the end too! Keep a look out for the final group of dancers too, we kept watching the guy to the left in the grey t-shirt – he was so good!



2. Kasper X Mihawk – Ko Ko Bop (EXO)

EXO’s Ko Ko Bop has so many elements that make it a great song to dance to! This powerful choreography is perfect for Ko Ko Bop, with it’s slower sections and faster pop and lock parts thrown in. Watch out for the drop!



3. Junsun Joo – Uptown Funk (Bruno Mars)

The popularity of Uptown Funk meant that song covers and choreography videos were coming out left, right and centre. Despite a lot of competition, Junsun Yoo’s energetic routine caught our eye, it really makes you smile! The flow between movements is effortless and swift and he makes good use of floor space too! The icing on the cake is that finish, the showmanship and attention to detail is maintained right to the end with the synchronized bow.




4. Bongyoung Park feat. Yuijin So from Playback – Me Like Yuh (Jay Park)

One of Jay Park’s best songs was used as a basis for choreo by Bongyoung Park. He has very strong chemistry dancing with Yuijin of Playback that you can’t tear your eyes away from this couple! This dance routine was originally a less polished affair on the 1Million Dance Studio channel, but has since then been turned into this professional storytelling video. The dance looks very impressive!



5. Eunho Kim – Sugar (Maroon 5)

We watched an early version of this routine before it was given an upgraded treatment. This couple dance is so sweet and we loved the synchronization interspersed with moments of interaction and glances between the dancers! Other dancers have a go after the main couple, so you can see what the choreography looks like as a group dance.



6. Lia Kim – Ending Credit (Uhm Jung Hwa)

You can’t compile a 1Million Dance Studio list without mentioning Lia Kim! One of the studio’s most famous choreographers, she dances this routine with Uhm Jung Hwa herself! You can see from the audience in the background, how much this collaboration was anticipated. We thought the use of props in the choreography was very clever, and how the staccato movements matched the pulsing beat. It’s such a catchy song too!



7.  Jay Kim – Something Just Like This (The Chainsmokers and Coldplay)

Jay Kim’s choreography is like modern contemporary dance which is something quite different from many of 1Million Dance Studio’s usual offerings. We thought that many parts of the choreography were beautiful and enjoyed having the two groups of dancers (male and female) gradually dancing together.



8. Mina Myoung – Gucci (Jessi)

A final one from Mina – a routine to Gucci originally performed by rapper Jessi. Jessi also appears in this video, dancing together with Mina herself (in the first group). The choreography is as ‘in your face’ as you’d expect, the street-wise movements definitely parallel the lyrics. Mina shows how strong she is interpreting songs here. Watch to the end to catch a powerful couple version which we thought was amazing too! WARNING: This video includes strong language with the lyrics.



Featured image source © 1Million Dance Studio. 11.12.2017. All Rights Reserved. Official logo from 1Million Dance Studio Official Facebook page.

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