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Ahn Ye Eun: ‘Somehow’ – K-SPOTLIGHT

Happy New Year to all our readers! The first K-Spotlight article of 2017 will be about female singer-songwriter Ahn Ye Eun, who has already honed her own musical style and sound. She has recently released the song ‘Somehow’ (어쩌다보니) which we would highly recommend!

Ahn Ye Eun catapulted into the spotlight by taking part in the 5th season of singing competition K-pop Star. She stood out by performing her own compositions. She finished as runner-up and later signed with a company called Pandawhale. Her talents are abounding as she wrote, performed, directed and produced all of the tracks on her 9 track self-titled debut album, which is out now!

The track ‘Somehow’ is an ideal platform to showcase Ahn Ye Eun’s musicality. It is a mix of all the things she does well. This song is a quirky composition complemented by clever heartfelt lyrics, delivered with an emotional clout that is emphasized by her distinct vocals. ‘Somehow’ is about looking back at a relationship that drifted apart, and how the memory of the person is not erased. She uses some nice imagery in comparing the relationship to a sandcastle; it being a structure that can collapse and be washed away.

We love the way she pens her lyrics:

“Love comes slowly, almost within our reach before taking a step back.
We reach out a hand, hoping to grab it and embrace it but it escapes through our fingers.”


The music video to ‘Somehow’ doesn’t express the story in a bold way, but instead highlights the little things that disappear when a person leaves your life. From shoes and clothes, to pillows and photographs, these details together with Ahn Ye Eun’s portrayal of someone who is almost robotic in the face of the situation, make for a good match to the lyrics of the song. Watch the MV below!

Why not try something new for 2017 and check out Ahn Ye Eun’s music?

Bonus content: Watch Ahn Ye Eun’s recent interview about her new album in the video below!

Featured image source: © Ahn Ye Eun album cover. Pandawhale. 07.01.2017. Ahn Ye Eun’s Facebook page

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