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8 Romantic Kdramas Of All Time

It’s February and the month of love, so let’s look at some of the top romantic Kdramas! If you’re a fanatic or a even a newbie, you’ll probably have realised that all dramas have a slight romantic undertone, if not a full blown love story! And of course this list is subjective, you will probably have drama that is your favourite that didn’t make the list, no matter, why not tweet @inspiremekorea and reveal your favourite!


Image source: Beatus Corner

Oh My Venus

Kang Joo Eun grew up as a popular and pretty teenager, but her love for food pushes her to a dangerous weight as an adult. After fainting on a flight home, there is only one person who can help her, Kim Young Ho, a personal trainer to the stars, returning to Korea because of a scandal. After recognising him, Kang Joo Eun decides he’s the only way she can lose weight and get back at her cheating boyfriend. But with a hidden illness himself can he save both of them physically and emotionally?

Image source: Ekrandedektifi

Image source: Ekrandedektifi

She Was Pretty

Kim Hye Jin was a rich publishers daughter, but after her fathers business becomes bankrupt she has to deal with a plethora of hardships. Ji Sung Joon was a shy and quiet boy, in adulthood he’s become a successful, but strict editor. Both are long lost friends reunited, but with the role reversal, Kim Hye Jin is embarrassed to meet her childhood love, so instead she tells her room mate Hye-Jin to go in her place. And thus becomes intertwined in a comedic, but cute love story with Ji Sung Joon not recognising her, a colleague Shin Hyuk showing interest in her and her room mate falling in love.

Image Source: Yibada

Image Source: Yibada

Descendants of the Sun

Yoo Si Jin is the captain of a special forces unit, his dangerous lifestyle means he is thrown in the path of Dr Kang Mo yeon. Both decide to date, but their vastly different lifestyles push them apart. Until that is both the special forces unit and the medical team that Kang Mo Yeon is a part of have to come together to save the people of Urk from a deadly group of gangsters and an earthquake that will shatter their world! One has the power to kill and the other to save, can they really have a happily ever after?

Image source: Soompi

Image source: Soompi

My Love from the Star

A classic amongst many Kdramas, Do Min Joon is an alien with the ability to stay youthful and stop time, after being stranded on earth in the Joseon Dynasty he is forced to live out a range of lives until he can go back home. And with only 3 months to go, Min Joon does not expect to be thrust into the world of celebrity when Cheon Song Yi, a famous actress moves next door. After being branded as the reason for another Hallyu stars suicide, Song Yi looks for solace from her strange neighbour. But can they come together and will Song Yi’s crazy personality be enough to make Min Joon stay on earth!

Image Source: One Hallyu

Image Source: One Hallyu

Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds

Hong Ra-On is a dating genius, that is for a girl disguised as a man in the Joseon Dynasty. One day she is asked to write a love letter for a client, unbeknownst to her the letter is meant for the princess and the crown prince knows. Trying to escape her fate Ra-On finds herself in the palace, dressed as a eunuch, coming face to face with prince Hyomyeong. But neither could have anticipated for both to begin to fall in love, pushing them into a dangerous road of pain and heartache. Can they both have their happily ever after?


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Secret Garden

Kim Joo Won is the CEO of a department store, after trying to save his cousin Oska a Hallyu star from a scandal, he meets Gil Ra-Im a female stunt double. Not one to believe in love at first sight, or to fall for such a strong willed and slightly boyish woman, he’s constantly drawn to her, but Ra-Im is a huge fan of Oska, her life long crush. What will happen when the two main leads begin to switch bodies and evade others who are in love with them.

Image source: Popgasa

Image source: Popgasa

High Society

Jang Yoon Ha and Yoo Chang Soo have both grown up in a chaebol family and both are expected to marry one another, but neither feels that way about the other. Yoon Ha rebels by getting a job at a supermarket and Chang soo ruins every meeting for marriage, by acting like a playboy. Choi Joonki and Lee Ji Yi are both from poorer backgrounds, Joon ki is a manager at the supermarket that Ji Yi and Yoon Ha work at and unexpectedly best friends with Chang Soo. All four are thrust into complicated but cute love stories, with hidden truths and dangerous lies. The second lead romance could have made it as the prominent storyline! Hasn’t everyone dreamt about finding a prince charming that loves you for who you are?!

Image source: India Forums

Image source: India Forums

Splash Splash Love

Danbi is high school senior and her finals are coming up, with a fear of failing she finds herself falling through a puddle which is in face a portal and travelling back in time to the Joseon era where she is met by King Lee Do. But to save her own life she has to act like a eunuch and thus begins service to the King. Unlike modern day she is seen as a genius in the Joseon dynasty and finds herself close to the King, but the king is married and finding himself falling for a eunuch or that’s what he thinks. This is a dangerous path and leaves Danbi in a isolated and vulnerable position, is love enough to save a whole dynasty and a young girls final exams.

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