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5 Korean Instagram Accounts You Should Go Follow Right Away!

We can’t lie, we all spend an unhealthy amount of time on our phones these days. So while distracted, why don’t you follow the Instagram accounts below to keep yourself up to date and things interesting.

@ponysmakeup – Pony

©Pony, @ponysmakeup, 30.01.2018,

With over 4.6 million followers on Instagram Pony, whose real name in Park Hye Min is one of Korea’s most popular beauty bloggers. From graphic designer to CL’s personal makeup artist, Pony really knows her stuff. You can also find her very own line of makeup called Pony Effect. Pony’s been blogging about K-Beauty for years, so if you need some inspiration for your next makeup look, go follow her!

@heybiblee – Lee Sung Kyung

©Lee Sung Kyung, @heybiblee, 30.01.2018,

This incredible woman is a model, actress, and very talented singer. Lee Sung was discovered in 2008 and was quickly snapped up by YG, she made her acting debut in 2014 and in 2016 appeared on King of masked singer. With over 8 million followers, people can’t stop loving this beautiful woman and her cute pictures. @heybiblee has us all wanting to be just as fashionable as she is.

@1room1cat – Sio, Gimo, Tencho, Chamoe

©kitty, @1room1cat, 30.01.2018,

We had to include these guys! @1room1cat is, in fact, four cute little kitties in many rooms but the name is catchy and we can’t help but adore their cute little faces. With over 276k followers, there’s a reason they are so popular. So you should follow them straight away if you can’t resist cute cats, cute cats and more cute cats.

@greedeat – Mouth-watering food

©greedeat, @greedeat, 30.01.2018,

Food! Do I need to say more?! This is making us all so hungry right now, from sweet to savoury they have a bit of everything. They have over 450k of followers that all agree on the fact that the food looks delicious. We definitely all have food envy. So if you want to make yourself hungry when you’re scrolling through your instagram news feed, then follow these guys.

@koreanenglishman – Josh Carrot

©Jolly, @koreanenglishman, 31.01.2018,

Josh known as the Korean Englishman, who is also a part of the vlogging duo Jolly, has a special place in my heart. These guys are hilarious to watch! They always brighten our day, while teaching us about Korea. Whether it’s Korean lessons with Olly, Korean food with Hollywood superstars, or riding dangerous fairground rides in Korea, these guys are positively great! They love Korea just as much as we do!! Korean Englishman has 230 thousand followers for a reason, so go follow them now!!

As well as the five Instagram accounts above don’t forget to follow the Inspire Me Korea Instagram: @inspiremekorea. We share all sorts of interesting things! From food to news, so stay up to date with all the Korean information you need!!

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Featured Source image ©Lee Sung Kyung, 31.01.2018,

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