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12 Brilliant Song Covers by Korean Music Artists

Hello readers! We have been keeping a close eye on amazing song covers throughout the year! We want to tell you about some of those performed by Korean music artists that you may have overlooked. There are 12 covers to check out in this article, so read on to find out more!

1. Chaeyoung of Twice, ‘Alone’

This beautiful song was originally sung by Dalchong, the lead vocal of indie band CHEEZE. Chaeyoung is a fan so chose to make a cover as part of a ‘melody project’ that JYP are promoting. Her fans were surprised at her vocals as she is one of the rappers of Twice! Dalchong herself responded on twitter so hopefully this means that the original artists get some recognition too!



2. Jannabi, ‘Yellow’

Jannabi put together an acoustic cover of ‘Yellow’ by Coldplay! We think that the stripped back version is great! The change in vocals works well, with singer Choi Jung-Hoon using a lilting effect in his voice in the verses and putting his falsetto on show here.



3. Kim Sohyang, ‘Lean on Me’

We cannot talk about outstanding vocal performances without mentioning So Hyang. Not a Kpop singer per se, she mostly participates in gospel singing. Unfortunately, Sohyang’s popularity is small even though her career has spanned many years. This inspiring lady overcame cancer, and sings to inspire people. We can feel that she is putting everything into her performance of ‘Lean on Me’ on the programme ‘Immortal Songs 2’. She even sang in front of Michael Bolton who was suitably impressed!



4. Park Jimin of 15&, ‘Slow Motion’

Park Jimin can speak fluent English and has one of the most under-rated voices in Kpop. She chose to cover ‘Slow Motion’ by Karina in one of her live performance showcases. Her voice sounds so clear and expressive here. Worth a watch!



5. DEHIGHT, ‘Problem x Like a Cat’

Rock band DEHIGHT made a unique mashup with Ariana Grande’s ‘Problem’ and AOA’s ‘Like a Cat’. These songs suit the rock treatment! A fun cover that you definitely need to check out.



6. Mamamoo and Bumkey, ‘All of You’

The programme ‘Sketchbook’ is a great platform for lots of special performances. In one episode, the vocally talented MAMAMOO worked with the amazing Bumkey to sing ‘All of You’ by John Legend. The harmonies in this performance are outstanding, and they make the song their own.



7. J.Min, ‘Loner’

Have you ever heard of ‘Loner’ by Kali Uchis? This chilled and lyrically clever song was chosen by J.Min (formally of girl group Tiny G), successfully making transitions between English and Korean through her cover. Perhaps this is her making steps into a solo career?


8. IU, ‘Loving You’

IU has performed this cover at a few concerts when she first started out on the Kpop scene. On this particular occasion whilst performing in Japan, she amazed the audience by singing whilst playing her own accompaniment on the acoustic guitar. The original song was sung by Minnie Riperton.



9. The EastLight, ‘TT’

This young band recently made their debut on the Kpop scene, and have already amassed a catalogue of covers. This video shows the EastLight’s lighthearted song cover of Twice’s ‘TT’. It is fun and a little rough around the edges, but it’s precisely why we like this version!



10. Seoyul of Berry Good, ‘Titanium’

Seoyul, a member of girl group Berry Good, covered ‘Titanium’ by David Guetta featuring Sia, as part of a video uploaded on their official YouTube channel. She sings a slowed down, acoustic version here, and we love her soft vocals!



11. Subin of Dalshabet, ‘Rise Up’

Subin does not get many chances to shine vocally as part of her group Dalshabet, but has released some solo efforts digitally. She occasionally uploads some brilliant covers which highlight how severely under-rated she is. This video shows her singing ‘Rise Up’ originally by Andrea Day.


12. AKMU, ‘Love is an Open Door’

We will finish off with a bit of fun, sibling duo ‘AKMU’ have covered ‘Love is an Open Door’ a few times, but we will never tire of hearing Suhyun’s crystal clear voice! It suits a Disney sound and her brother Chanhyuk provides the best harmonies. They were given their own segment on ‘Sketchbook’ where they did a good job of this song from Disney movie ‘Frozen’. Check out this radio performance of the song!



Have you seen any of these song covers before? Which others would you recommend? Let us know by commenting below!


Featured image source: © [Cover] 달샤벳 수빈 Rise Up 커버 영상 (SUBIN – Rise Up). Happyface Entertainment. 18.12.2016. Dalshabet official YouTube channel.





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