Menu Coffee: 카페 라떼 ka-pe la-tte: Caffe Latte 카페 모카 ka-pe mo-ka: Café Mocha 카푸치노 ka-pu-chi-no: Capuccino 에스프레소 e-seu-peu-re-so: Espresso 아메리카노 a-me-ri-kano: Americano 바닐라 라떼 ba-nil-la la-tte: Vanilla Latte 카라멜 마끼아또 ka-ra-mel ma-kki-a-tto: Caramel Machiatto Tea: 유자차 yu-ja-cha Yujacha is…


Korea’s Café Culture


South Korea has come a long way from it’s tea-drinking beginnings, but how has Korea’s café culture evolved and impacted people’s everyday lives over time?

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