RICEPOP: London’s Only LGBT K-Pop Night!


On Friday 6th May, RICEPOP held their monthly LGBT K-Pop night, in Dalston!

The night was jam packed with a selection of K-Pop tracks, and western, chart hits (chosen by the attendees).

The IMK family were there of course, mingling and getting down with the crowd!

This event was so diverse and fun, as it felt like a big party, full of friends.

The location was at Haunt, which is a cozy restaurant with a hidden basement bar downstairs.

I can see as to why this location was chosen, due to the comfortable, yet club-like feeling.



There were dance-offs and K-Pop routines being thrown around everywhere!

Believe me, this is not a night to be missed!

Have a look at Ricepop’s official Facebook page here, where you can find out about their next event.













The author: Shari Coakley

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