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Inspired By Korea Series – Sook Kwan

Story by Sook Kwan

1. How did you find out about Korea/Korean Culture?

Back in 2011, my older brother made my family watch an episode of Running Man because it was supposed to have a famous Korea girl group guest star in that episode. The episode was so funny and interesting, that I started searching up the girl group which was Girls’ Generation. From then on, my brothers and I started watching lots of K-pop music videos, K-dramas and Korean variety shows. My parents actually brought us to Korea in 2003 but I was too young to appreciate the beauty of Korean culture.

2. What do you like about Korea?

I’ve only been here for 3 months but throughout my stay here, I would say that I love the weather. My country only has a tropical climate so when I came here, I got to experience snow for the first time. The weather in Spring is so perfect, slightly windy and cooling. The flowers and cherry blossoms that bloomed was also very beautiful. Moreover, I’ve always loved Korean food, so to be able to eat all the different and delicious Korean food everyday is a big plus point.

3. What do you recommend others to try to experience in Korea?

I would recommend the experience that I went through which was an exchange program. The student’s university life here is so lively and different. I got to experience many activities that they do during their leisure time such as going for picnics, sauna/spa rooms, PC rooms, their drinking culture and also clubbing. I also joined many free tours/trips that are provided by voluntary bodies such as SAYUL Korea Club, Seoulmate and others. They were very fun and it was great that I could be introduced to many kind Koreans and also other foreigners that are interested in Korea.



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