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©Inspire Me Korea Kancho, 01.02.2017,

©Inspire Me Korea Kancho, 01.02.2017,

Kancho Love Biscuits  칸 쵸

We vote this as the winner for having the most adorable packaging! The two famous mascots for these bitesize snacks Kany and Chony (together, Kancho), are stamped on the little chocolate filled biscuits too. How cute?!

Allergy advice: Contains Wheat, Milk, Soybean, Almond

Ingredients: Wheat flour (40.6%), sugar (27.7%), partially hydrogenated vegetable oil (14.1%), cocoa mass (7.3%), whole milk powder, leaving (ammonium bicarbonate (E500),corn syrup, laclose, almond,whey permeale powder, dextrin, salt, artificial flavour (vanilla,butter), emulsifier (soylecithin (E322)), caramel colour (E150a), yeast extract, enzyme.

©Inspire Me Korea Cuttlefish Snack, 01.02.2017,

©Inspire Me Korea Cuttlefish Snack, 01.02.2017,

Cuttlefish Snack

Yum! These scrumptious light crisps are perfect to bring to a picnic and a good size to share with a loved one. They’re cut into such cute shapes too!

Allergy advice: Wheat, cuttlefish, soybean

Ingredients: Wheat flour, rice bran oil, wheat starch, palm oil, cuttlefish, sugar, salt,lactose, nonfat soybean, kaoliang colour, red radish powder.

©Inspire Me Korea Moncher Pie, 01.02.2017,

©Inspire Me Korea Moncher Pie, 01.02.2017,

Moncher Pie

February is the month to enjoy some chocolate, or gift chocolate. This Moncher pie is moist and soft in the middle, a delight to sink your teeth in! We don’t blame you if you decide to keep this premium cake all to yourself.

Allergy advice: Wheat, Soybean

Ingredients: wheat flour, D-sorbitol, soybean, processed fat, malt syrup, humectant(e420), cocoa preparation, cocoa powder, cocoa mass, spirits, maltose, mineral salt, (e550), salt, honey, acidity regulator, artificial flavour(vanillin,vanila brandy).


©Inspire Me Korea Heart Chalkboard, 01.02.2017,

©Inspire Me Korea Heart Chalkboard, 01.02.2017,

Heart Blackboard

These adorable heart chalkboards have been included so you can practice your Korean and of course, write a sweet message! Use the language section to pick some lovely phrases.

©Inspire Me Korea Heart Cards, 01.02.2017,

©Inspire Me Korea Heart Cards, 01.02.2017,


This hand painted 사랑해 (I love you) scalloped edge card carefully created by the Inspire Me Korea team hopes that your important note to your loved one will be well received! Leave a message, whether for your other half, friends or family. Give yourself an excuse to reach out and make  someone smile today!


©Half Moon Eyes Nail Decal Sticker, 30.01.2017,

©Half Moon Eyes Nail Decal Sticker, 30.01.2017,

©Half Moon Eyes Nail Decal Sticker, 30.01.2017,

©Half Moon Eyes Nail Decal Sticker, 30.01.2017,

Half Moon Eyes Nail Decal Sticker

Effortless, convenient and beautiful! Use these pastel watercolour nail stickers to spice up the nail game.


1. Apply base coat and dry thoroughly.

2. Cut out the design you want.

3. Dip the design into cold water for 10 seconds.

4. Push slightly to separate the film.

5. Apply onto the nail with tweezers.

6. Apply top coat.

Featured Image Source: ©Inspire Me Korea February Heart Box, 03.02.2017,



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