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Image source: © Inspire Me Korea, 01.05.2017,

Image source: © Inspire Me Korea, 01.05.2017,

Eating Korean food is the first step to immerse yourself in Korean culture and to experience an array of new tastes. It is not enough to fully understand Korean culture. This is why we’ve included some essential information in this COOKING box to introduce history of Korean cuisine, the significance of the cutlery used and share with you the trendy foods you must try when visiting Korea!

Here’s what you may find in the April COOKING box (get one here while stocks last)


Image source: © Inspire Me Korea, 01.04.2017,

Image source: © Inspire Me Korea, 01.04.2017,


If you watch a lot of K-variety shows, you would have seen hosts or guests eating jjajangmyeon! This along with jjambong are popular Chinese dishes amongst Koreans that can easily be found in Chinese restaurants in Korea.

FUN FACT: 14th April is Black Day. This is an unofficial holiday where singles who didn’t receive anything on Valentine’s Day (14th February) or White Day (14th March) can dress in black from head to toe and eat black noodles! Quite a strange concept in the Western world…! Nonetheless, if delicious food is involved, we want to celebrate it!

Allergy advice: Wheat, soy, soybean, shrimp, peanut, sesame, mustard, wheat gluten
Noodle: Wheat flour (USA), potato starch, palm oil, salt, seasoning (rice bran oil, sugar, sweetener: E420, emulsifier: E322 (contains soy), acidity regulator: E501, E339, E500, tocopherol liquid (antioxidant: E306, emulsifier: E322 (contains soy)), green tea extract (oligosaccharides, tea catechin, acid: E330), colour: E101.
Soup powder: Seasoning (soybean paste, corn flour, onion, maltodextrin, salt, palm oil, wheat, shrimp), sugar, caramel powder (maltodextrin, colour: E150c), flavour enhancers: E631, E627, salt.
Seasoning oil: Vegetable oil (rapeseed olive, corn, peanut, sesame, mustard), onion.
Flakes: Textured vegetable protein (defatted soybean, glucose, wheat gluten), cabbage, fried potato (potato,palm oil), onion, carrot.
Image source: © Inspire Me Korea, 01.04.2017,

Image source: © Inspire Me Korea, 01.04.2017,


One of our favourite and versatile paste/sauces that are used in Korean cuisine. Garlicky, rich and earthy, this seasoned soybean paste adds an iconic taste as a dipping sauce. Why not try it with some meat, or even some slices of raw veggies like carrot sticks?

Allergy advice: Wheat, malt, sesame seed, soybean, barley
Ingredients:  Wheat flour, Salt, Wheat, Malt, Maltose syrup, Wheat flour, Water, Sugar, Cooking rice wine, Salt, Onion, Wheat, Red pepper powder, Shiitake mushroom extract, Garlic extract, Sesame seed, Soybean powder, Garlic, Red pepper paste, Glucose, Koji (Contains BarleySoybean paste.
Image source: © Inspire Me Korea, 01.04.2017,

Image source: © Inspire Me Korea, 01.04.2017,


Delicious and moreish, dried seaweed is a big part of Korean cuisine. Whether as a on-the-go healthy snack or added as a garnishing to cooking.

How do you like to eat it?

Allergy advice: Sesame oil
Ingredients: Laver,green laver,canola oil,sesame oil,perilla oil,seasoned salt,sodium glutamate.
Image source: © Inspire Me Korea, 01.05.2017,

Image source: © Inspire Me Korea, 01.05.2017,



Since enjoying Korean food through the right cutlery is half the cultural experience, we’ve equipped you with the set so you can enjoy the other half – the wholesome and satisfying Korean dishes!

Note: does not come with box/sleeve

Korean Beauty Sheet Masks

Image source: © Inspire Me Korea, 01.05.2017,



We’ve picked the biggest Korean beauty brands known in Korea (Etude House, Innisfree, Skin Food, Nature Republic) and hand selected the best scents to give you maximum benefits in just 20minutes! Lay back and relax after a hearty Korean meal. You deserve it!

*Product may vary, subject to availability

Still not convinced? Why not try our TASTER box for a taste of what we offer?

Image source: © Inspire Me Korea, 01.05.2017,

Image source: © Inspire Me Korea, 01.05.2017,

*We recommend that you do not solely rely on the information presented and that you always read labels, warnings, and directions before using or consuming a product. For additional information about a product, please contact the manufacturer. Inspire Me Korea assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.*



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