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What is the PyeongChang Winter Olympics Slopestyle?

With the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics getting closer and closer we want to take a look at one of the events we are most excited to see at the games, Slopestyle Snowboarding. If you want excitement and the thrill of adrenaline pumping through your veins the mountains are the place to go! With a variety of ski and snowboarding events taking place let’s have a look at everything you need to know for the Slopestyle event.


Slopestyle is one of the newest competitions in the Winter Olympics after being added for Sochi 2014, but with a rich history outside of the Olympics it is highly competitive. The event will see the riders fly down an obstacle course consisting of jibs, an obstacle similar to a rail in skateboarding where the rider comes into contact with the obstacle, and jumps where we see the riders flying through the air spinning and flipping. The event will see the athletes have two runs in qualifying and the top 12 athletes will proceed to the final where they will have a further 3 runs.


A team of nine judges will score each run and the average score will be the rider’s score. Only the highest scoring run will used for the final results. The judges will be looking for a mixture of skills being shown by the riders;

Amplitude – in the halfpip events this is the height gained from each jump but in the slopestyle it will also look at distance covered in the jump and the landing.

Difficulty – there numerous things which make a trick more difficult but in this section keep an eye out for number of rotations in each spin or flip trick.

Variety – Snowboarding is all about entertaining so nobody wants to see the same tricks over and over again, judges want to see riders spinning different ways and grabbing the board differently

Execution – sometimes it is better to keep it simple and nail your trick then to try something extraordinary and not land smoothly

Progression – this comes down to the riders putting tricks together that have not been done before for example; spinning clockwise whilst holding your board is good but adding a back flip would make it great and score more points!


There are some big names in snowboarding on show this year, in the women’s event we are treated to last years winner Jamie Anderson of the USA will be looking to make it an Olympic double. But the youngest competitor in the event and fellow American Chloe Kim will provide her with tough competition.

In the men’s events we have a truly international affair with strong competition coming from America, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, Finland and Japan! The biggest names in this event will be last year’s winner Sage Kotsenburg from USA and the silver medal winner Stale Sandbech. These name’s might not be as famous as the summer Olympians but bring just as much excitement!

Let us know who you’re rooting for!

Featured image and article image: Alpensia Ski Resort, ©Photographer (John Doe)-Korea Tourism Organization

Article by Imran Ali



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