News Roundup: What Happened In July?

July has been hectic with T.O.P’s drug scandal, the former president of America referencing SHINee in a speech, EXO’s comeback without Lay and JJ Project returning to our lives in all their aesthetic glory to name a few. Read on to see the top headlines from last month!

T.O.P drug scandal

Image Source: ©취재진 질문에 답하는 탑, news1, 02.08.2017,

Image Source: ©취재진 질문에 답하는 탑, News1, 02.08.2017,

Fans of BigBang were surprised to see T.O.P return to the spotlight three months after his duties at the Gangnam Police Station. After being tested for the use of drugs and found positive, T.O.P was found guilty. Shortly after this, he suffered a drug overdose in his home and spent a few days recovering in hospital. He then appeared in court near the beginning of July and fined 12,000 Korean won (close to $10.70) for his actions. T.O.P will no longer be permitted to serve as a police officer for the remainder of his military enlistment.


Barack Obama mentions SHINee in speech

On the 3rd of July, former U.S. President Barack Obama attended the 8th Asian Leadership Conference in Seoul. He gave a speech centred around the relationship between the U.S. and South Korea. Here he said;

‘Some of our young people in America are learning to speak Korean so that they can keep up with the band SHINee’.

Later he mentioned how, in return, the members of SHINee have ‘developed a passion for America’s IN-N-OUT burgers’.

Key himself posted pictures of him and his members eating the infamous burgers on his personal Instagram thanking ‘Mr. Obama’ for his words.

EXO comeback without Lay

©EXO-Lay, elliefillet, 04.08.2017,

©EXO-Lay, elliefillet, 04.08.2017,

In June SM Entertainment confirmed that Lay would not be present for any of EXO’s promotions and for their July comeback due to his busy schedule in China. Lay’s agency went on to say that he feels bad about this and that he didn’t want to let down his fans. EXO still did their best, despite visibly missing Lay, and absolutely rocked our world with the ‘Ko Ko Bop’ MV, and ‘The War’ album is rapidly becoming a major hit around the world!

JJ Project make comeback after five years

©14, JJ Project, 04.08.2017,

©14, JJ Project, 04.08.2017,

After five long years, JB and Jinyoung have returned, thankfully, with their duo act from 2012 – JJ Project! ‘Verse 2’ is quickly topping album charts on iTunes and their visually stunning MV ‘Tomorrow, Today’ has already surpassed two million views on YouTube. Their smooth tones, ultra-personal lyrics and aesthetics have helped us all to calm down from this hectic month. Thanks JJ Project~!


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