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Interview with Burningsoda -K-SPOTLIGHT (Special)

The K-SPOTLIGHT series has a new feature for 2017! We want to help showcase more K-indie artists and groups, so that our readers can discover even more new music and also support some very hardworking and passionate musicians. Music is often a labour of love for these artists and not viewed as just a product, so we felt that it was important to get to know the people behind the music. So without further ado…drum roll please…we are proud to unveil our first special K-SPOTLIGHT K-indie focus!

We are very happy to have discovered Korean rock band Burningsoda! We love them a lot, and are excited to present a double part feature edition of the K-SPOTLIGHT that is about the band. This first part consists of an interview with the members! We’d like to sincerely thank vocalist Miso in particular, for mustering up the energy to help us with the interview despite being ill. Get well soon Miso!

The members have a fantastic sense of humour and we had a lot of fun conducting this Q&A! We asked them questions ranging from the background of the band to what they do in their spare time, and laughed out loud at some of their answers! We hope that our readers enjoy discovering more about them. Don’t forget to check out the second part of the K-SPOTLIGHT on Burningsoda, where we will highlight some of their fantastic music releases! We love this band so can’t recommend them highly enough 😀

1. Burningsoda is an interesting name for a band, how did you come up with the idea? What were some of the rejected names?

The name ‘Burningsoda’ was decided by the leader of the band. It means that we not only want to play hot music but also music that is fresh. In other words, we want to play various genres. There were several names at the time, but we can’t quite remember them…! 🙂

2. Can you please introduce each of the members?

Vocalist – Miso Park

Guitarist and leader – Jaegeun Kang

Drummer – Jeongmin Lee

Bass guitarist – Youngjoo Jun

3. How would you describe the type of music that Burningsoda makes?

First of all, we don’t care too much about music genres. Our music is based on rock, and we also play acoustic, pop, blues etc. But we think the most important thing is the public aspect.

4. How did you first meet to form as a group? Did you know each other before? What was each member doing in your daily lives before starting Burningsoda? Are your family and friends supportive of you choosing to do music?

We were all students attending the same university and studying music. Our leader created a team and recruited the vocal member (Miso) first. We played acoustic music for 2 years, and recently we recruited other members. Fortunately, everyone cheers for us now. But initially, they were opposed because it’s a hard way to earn money 🙁

5. Did you always know that you wanted a female vocalist? With so many male members, does Miso manage to keep the boys in line and out of trouble? 😛

Jaegeun: I didn’t care about gender when I was first looking for a vocalist. I heard Miso’s special voice and decided to scout her.

She can’t do anything by herself except for singing. She acts like she’s very young…she’s very messy…and very noisy…!!!


6. The members all seem to have lots of fun with each other! It must be a great atmosphere when you are together. What other things make you happy about being in a band?

Travel, delicious food, drinking. Haha.

7. Congratulations on the release of your first EP album ‘A Mental Blow’! “Cutie Puppet” is based on recent events in Korea, which is very current and topical. Can you tell us more about the idea behind that track and what message/feeling you wanted to achieve with that song? Is there anything about the lyrics that you can translate for us so that we get a better understanding of it?

The president of South Korea has a lot of problems. The government is the same. We are going through the destruction of democracy. This song expresses these situations metaphorically.

We will upload translated lyrics on YouTube soon!

8. Can you also give us some insight into the other 2 tracks on the EP?

‘Gloomy Friday’ – This song is about a person who wants to be alone yet feels loneliness at the same time. Miso made this song; in fact, this is her story.

‘Change My Heart’ – This song is an acoustic ballad. It is about changing one’s mind and the pain of parting.

9. What is each person’s role in the song-writing process? Do you find song-writing quite easy or does it take a long time to create something that you are all happy with?

Jaegeun makes most of the songs and takes charge of all the arrangements. Miso sometimes writes too. The song-writing finishes quickly, but the arrangements take a long time.


10. What are your hopes and dreams for Burningsoda this year? Where would you love to perform?

Our goals for this year are to release our first regular album and we want to appear at famous festivals and go abroad! (We want to go to the UK very, very, very much)

11. What kind of music does each member like to listen to? Any recommendations? And where do you go to find out about new music?

It is hard to say haha. Our members have very different music inclinations. But our common preference is ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We recommend ‘Jaurim’. They are a Korean band and our role model. We usually listen to music on YouTube.

12. What has been your best experience or memory so far?

We were invited to the Midi festival in China. It was a very large scale festival and we enjoyed so many famous bands from other countries! We want to go again…and maybe the UK?

13. What are your favourite things to do when you are not busy with music? I see that you enjoy eating delicious food, what do you normally like to order?

The male members like sports! Jaegeun plays baseball every Sunday. Youngjoo does martial arts. But Jeongmin on the other hand, is….just….breathing…and Miso likes eating and sleeping all day…

We usually eat pizza and chicken! And grilled pork belly (this is modern Korean food! Very delicious)

Grilled pork belly

14. How difficult do you think it is to become popular in the Korean music industry? In your experience, are there more bands playing in Korea now compared to before? What are you doing/planning to do, in order to meet these challenges to promote Burningsoda to more people?

As you know, it is very hard to be a popular musician in Korea. So many bands are created and they have even better skills compared to those that appeared before. We think these days, promotion is very important (on SNS, websites, YouTube…). We are trying to make an ensemble video and upload it onto our page and YouTube.

15. Can you describe what a Burningsoda gig/show would be like? What would be your ideal crowd or audience?

We communicate with the audience at a gig like a talk show! We like to talk to the audience while playing and want them to react a lot to us.

16. Would you like to say anything to listeners who are discovering your music for the first time? What would you like them to experience from your music?

“Hello listener! When we release a new song, it will be a new style. So look forward to our other songs. You will be satisfied!!!”

We want them to connect and emphasize with our songs, feel the happiness and sadness and so on. So…buy our album! Hahahahahaha…sorry….

(Note: Definitely buy their album-we highly recommend that you do!)

Burningsoda’s debut EP ‘A Mental Blow’ is available online (listen on Apple Music or buy tracks on iTunes). You can also purchase their previous singles by clicking here.  

Responses have been edited for clarity with permission from Burningsoda.

Featured image and in-article images source: © Burningsoda. 22.02.2017. All images were kindly provided by the band for use in this article.

© Inspire Me Korea. 23.02.2017.

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