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Sayul KoreanBros – INTERVIEW

We interviewed 3 enthusiastic young Korean men who are on a mission to share their culture worldwide! They’ve started their start their own non-profit organisation – SAYUL 문화공공외교단 세이울, are starting their YouTube channel, KoreanBros collaborating with JK from JKTV (YouTuber) to share more beautiful things in Korea. If you’re preparing for your holiday, be sure to check out their recommendations!

Tell us about your project!

Nam: We’re working on the Non-government organisation called Sayul. It means ‘saying about beautiful Korea properly’, and we have 3 Co-founders: Nam, JinHyoung, and one more guy on military service. We try to share Korean culture, with exchange students and friends overseas, to promote Korea. I started in 2012, so it’s almost been 5 years.

Where did you get the idea from?

Nam: I visited overseas for the first time in 2010, and people didn’t know Korea at all, so when I walked around I always got the ‘Ni Hao’ and ‘Konichiwa’, and I wanted to say “ Ah, I am from Korea. There are a lot of countries in Asia, but there is also Korea”. So I drew the map and flag of Korea, to promote in Europe, and then I met a lot of international friends and I thought “I want to exchange culture.” Not only about promoting Korea. So I started working on Korea and I met Jin Hyoung, and he was really awesome. He did a really good job at university, and I met him, and I said “why don’t we work together?” and he said “alright”.

What kind of problems have you faced so far?

Nam: The most important thing is the budget. We actually tried to get the budget from the government first, but we didn’t do a lot of things, and so we couldn’t make the deal. So we just started, by ourselves and we researched again and again and had good results, and made a good project, and now we can come into contact with the government or the other universities.

Jin Hyoung: Actually this is a non-profit organisation, so we can’t actually make any profit, we really want to promote Korea, but there’s no way we can do it with our money, I mean we can get a budget, but we can only spend that money on our project, not on our living, so it’s kinda hard for us. So this year we will start our own business.

What kind of events have you had so far?

Jin Hyoung: Every year we hold a concert, and we invite around 500 international students, and we try to show Korean traditional and modern performances – we’ve been doing this for 3 years. This year we are going to hold it in October.

It is really good, because for exchange students there’s no way to watch these performances for free.

What do you have planned for the future?

Nam: We want to make a huge network all over the world. We want to meet all the opinion leaders who have an interest in Korea. We want to do a big project together, to establish a Korean Culture Centre by local people.

Apart from Kpop, what else in Korean culture would you recommend us to try?

Nam: When I visit Europe, I was impressed when they made kimbap. They cooked a lot of Korean food and when I tasted it, it was really delicious! So what I would say is, sometimes outside of our PC or phone, try a little culture of Korea, like food or visit a culture centre to experience more.

Jin Hyoung: Drinking Culture! Actually Korean people really like to do something together, so there’s lots of activities.

Tell us more about your new business?

JK: Hey guys it’s your boy JK! So I met these two about a month ago, and realised that they’re doing such a beautiful thing, and I was always wondering why I couldn’t be part of people that creates nice work for people who live abroad. Eventually these guys made the offer to me, and it was such a good opportunity, so now we are working on a project, called KoreanBros!

JK: Since they have a really nice non-profit organisation, we can also relate to that, so we are probably going to make lots of videos about travelling and obviously Jin Hyoung will show them about drinking culture, and the serious man will also tell you guys how Korean life is like, which is something we really want to do since there’s really not that much about Korean life in brochures and it’s going to be very interesting and honest.

Any advice to those wanting to start their own business?

Jin Hyoung: This is a really typical answer, but actually I would recommend you to do what you want to do. Because doing a business is really hard, if I were doing something I don’t like, I don’t think I can keep doing that

Nam: I’d like to say that, just start it. Start and get experience, and think more. Do it and do it again. If you go the wrong way, you can go back, and go the other way. It is hard to sit and think and decide on what the right way is.

Diana: So just do it?

Nam: Just do it!

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