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K-Pop Takes Over the Heart of California at KCON LA 2017!

The Time is Now!!!

Every K-Pop fan has heard about KCON and many look forward to it all year long. Some even follow it from city to city. Soon the doors will open for the one that started them all, KCON LA! With concerts and events designed to stop the hearts of fans from all over America.With artists like Cosmic Girls and Seventeen to VIXX and Girl’s Day and many more this line-up is sure to have something for every fan!

Source: (c) KCON USA official website 08/18/2017

Source: KCON USA official website

This three day event will be packed full of dance workshops, fan-greets, KCON Club night, norebang, screenings and more. We will be bringing you a recap of each day’s highlights but there is nothing like seeing it live. Our onlyย regret is that we can’t attend ourselves. #BUCKETLIST! With only a limited number of tickets left, you really should hurry and get yours today! For more information and where to get tickets, visit the KCON website. Hope you can make it, we would love to hear about your personal experiences and see those selfies with your bias!


Robert Marsh

Crazy American soldier who fell in love with the beautiful country, culture, and people of Korea. I started to learn more of the language and culture before I discovered kpop and kdrama



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