Inspire Me Korea: The Summer Meet-Up


Hello again IMK family!

Did you manage to make it to our meet-up last Saturday?

If not, don’t worry! We have more events in the near future!

Our first meet-up was hosted by the IMK team, at SuperStar BBQ in Tottenham Court Road. The day was filled with music, games and socialising with like-minded people.

The first activity was bingo, with a twist! Instead of numbers, each square was filled with something in relation to Korea, or Korean culture. Each attendee had to find a person whom had experienced or done the thing was described in each box. This was an excellent ice breaker, and gave everyone a chance to mingle and get to know each other.


Next, we played picture charades그림; the classic game that is featured on SBS’s “Running Man” 런닝맨.

Everyone was given a chance to win K-Pop merchandise, Korean food items, and Korean beauty products via more competitions, which consisted of singing, dancing and a quiz!

The IMK founders then went onto give a brief introduction, and further details on Inspire Me Korea, whilst thanking the team, each subscriber and attendee.

The evening drew to a close, as a Noraebang 노래방 party carried on until 7pm!

Keep an eye out on our Official Facebook page for future events, collaborations and competitions!

We have so much more to share with you, and we’d like to thank you all for your continued support!


The author: Shari Coakley

Longing to travel, and document my experiences. A vast taste in music; always enthused by culture and people. Favourite city so far? Seoul...<3
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