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KCON LA: Day Three Killed It!

KCONLA17 is Finished

All good things must come to an end. Another epic KCONLA is in the history books and it was certainly a scorcher! Day three slew from the moment the gates opened. With more fan greets and the red carpet for the days stars. Mimi of Oh My Girl even put on a special show for fans. At their artist engagement she freestyled to Despacito and the fans went wild! From the booths toย one of the most spectacular concert lineups ever! To be honest, we aren’t sure how the fans survived the day. Joan Kim was there with some expert makeup advice on how to do your makeup like a K-Pop star. Of all the concerts that day, two of the most talked aboutย were from Cosmic Girls and Heize. Social media literally exploded with posts about how they rocked it. Even Rolling Stone got in on the KCON action this year with an in-depth review of the events.


Rolling Stone taken by KCONLA17

We Are Sad to See it End

There were over 80,000 visitors over the three days of KCON LA – how crazy is that? Although the excitement is now over, there is much more to look forward to as the KCONUSA team can start working on how to make next year bigger and better! We will be watching because this one is going to be hard to top and we want to see what they have coming for us in the future!

Robert Marsh

Crazy American soldier who fell in love with the beautiful country, culture, and people of Korea. I started to learn more of the language and culture before I discovered kpop and kdrama



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