B.A.P Live on Earth 2016: London AWAKE – CONCERT


Oh my goodness!

Where do I begin?!

On Friday 13th May, I attended B.A.P’s Live on Earth, London Awake concert. This was the first K-Pop concert that I attended, and I did not expect to be as amazed and speechless as I was!

Over 20 songs, both old and new were performed, including explosive performances of “Young Wild and Free”, “One Shot”, “Feel So Good”, “Warrior”, “Bad Man”, “Carnival”, and so much more!


The graphics and backdrop of the show was astonishing, and still kept the classic, intergalactic B.A.P theme of aliens arriving from outer space.

The outfit changes were smooth, as the guys disappeared and re-appeared within seconds, between performances.

Each member greeted the audience in English, introducing themselves individually, whilst Daehyun communicated the most (in English) throughout the concert.


Funnily enough, they then asked if they could express themselves further in Korean, whilst a translator regurgitated their heart-felt messages to the audience.

B.A.P only debuted 4 years ago, but their tight choreography, and consistency kept everyone fully engaged, without a dull moment.

They truly gave it their all, and I felt as if I was watching them perform in a music video; not one note or step was missed.


The fan service was second to none, and B.A.P truly connected with their fans; they waved, received gifts from the crowd, and even jumped off stage to greet them.

Bang Yongguk of course took his shirt off, jumped into the crowd, whilst getting up-close and personal with the fans. I’m pretty sure he got a lot more than he bargained for! A lot of dreams were made a reality that night!

I’m 100% sure that they will be back, as they verbally said this, and declared their love for London, and the UK, as they sported the Union Jack flag. Yongguk then used it as cape/ t-shirt, as he “accidentally” lost his top during the excitement!


Whether you are a big B.A.P fan or not, these guys are not ones to miss!

And I urge you to see them perform live at least once in your lifetime! They will not disappoint, and that is a fact!



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