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Behind the Mirror at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – REVIEW

The Edinburgh Fringe festival is the largest arts festival in the world; an eclectic and vibrant mix of performances from a variety of sources. From comedy, to plays, magic shows to dance; you never know exactly what to expect and that adds to the fun of it! ‘Behind the Mirror‘ is a musical performance that incorporates some elements of comedy with ingenious ways of storytelling and clever utilization of harmonies and sound.

This show was brought to the festival by the Go Theatre Company from Korea, a talented group of young actors who give their bright energy and enthusiasm in spades to deliver an engaging and entertaining story. This musical is loosely based around the tale of Princess Pyeonggang and General Ondal, however, chooses to centre its focus on Yeoni, the maid who works for the princess. Yeoni has the unfortunate habit of thieving and always wishing to be someone other than herself.

Yeoni - Yoo-jung Kim 14th Jul

© Yeoni. Behind the Mirror. 14.07.2017. Go Theatre Company (Korea)

Image source: Behind the Mirror official Facebook


Whilst in the forest, she encounters Yaseng, a man who grew up in the wild, and this forms the central core of the story. Both Yoo-jung Kim who plays Yeoni and Hyun-jin Ma as Yaseng do a sterling job with the acting and Yoo-jung’s solo vocal pieces were to be applauded. The supporting cast were also very entertaining and created all the sound effects and background music with merely their voices and impressive harmonies. We especially enjoyed the forest sequences, where much creativity was apparent in creating the ‘scenery’ with their bodies which also required a lot of physical prowess. Aside from some of the subtitles being slightly wrongly positioned at the beginning (obscuring some of the words), this was a very accomplished show with plenty laugh out loud moments. We highly recommend you catch ‘Behind the Mirror’ during the Fringe festival.


Yaseng - Hyun-jin Ma -14th July

© Yaseng. Behind the Mirror. 14.07.2017. Go Theatre Company (Korea)

Image source: Behind the Mirror official Facebook


Have a look at this video teaser showing an example of a cappella used in the show!

Video source: 공연배달서비스 간다 YouTube channel

‘Behind the Mirror’ will be performed everyday from the 15th August until the 28th August at 15:55pm (1hr 5 minute duration).

Check out the website for more information about buying tickets and their official Facebook or Instagram pages if you are interested to know more about the show.


Featured image source: © Behind the Mirror. Go Theatre Company. 04.08.2017. Behind the Mirror official Facebook.

In-article images source:  © Yeoni and Yaseng cast photographs. Behind the Mirror. Go Theatre Company. 14.07.2017. Behind the Mirror official Facebook.



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