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Vegan Food in Korea?! FOOD SPOTLIGHT

If you’re vegan or vegetarian, you’ve probably been told several times that it will be rather difficult eating around in Korea. We’re sorry to confirm this, meat is just such a huge part of Korean culture. However, don’t despair just yet! We were recommended to check out a temple in Seoul, so off we went and found some top notch delicious vegan food – and it was so cheap too!

Image source: © Food Coupon, Inspire Me Korea, 17.03.2017,

Image source: © Food Coupon, Inspire Me Korea, 17.03.2017,

Image source: © Temple Canteen, Inspire Me Korea, 17.03.2017,

Image source: © Temple Canteen, Inspire Me Korea, 17.03.2017,


At Jogyesa Temple, you pay for meal coupons at the reception desk, then head towards the canteen and queue up with a tray and cutlery. It totally feels like secondary school all over again!


Image source: © Canteen Food, Inspire Me Korea, 17.03.2017,

Image source: © Canteen Food, Inspire Me Korea, 17.03.2017,


Then you are served a little bit of each dish – courgettes, spinach, kimchi, tofu, mushrooms, rice and seaweed soup. It seems like very little on the plate, but it is enough if you’ve got a small stomach. If on the other hand, it is too little, you can go for seconds! The price for one coupon is around 3,000won – under £2.

If you’re worried about eating in Korea as a vegetarian or vegan, why not try a new cultural experience and eat at a traditional temple?



  • Fanny
    12 months ago

    Hi there. Is korean soju vegan? Thank you.

    • Octavian Who
      12 months ago

      There is not information out there about soju production and if manufacturers use animal products or not. The only thing I could find is that some brands add xylitol but that’s a sweetener. I guess try at your own risk. That is the best answer I have.

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