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The Ultimate Revision Playlist: K-Pop Edition


I have always found that music is a good aid for both revision and relaxation.

So I have devised a definitive playlist that will keep you calm and collected during this stressful time!

Here are my top 10 favourite tracks to wind down to!

10- Big Bang (빅뱅): Love Song 

This track was released on 2011, from the album “Tonight”. The beat of this track is mellow, soothing, enchanting; and reminiscent of a past love All five members really showcase their vocal talents here.

9-Seungri (승리): Gotta Talk to You할말있어요
With delicate guitar strings leading into a dance beat, Seungri’s 승리 sweet and tantalizing vocals are easy on the ear, and make you melt into a relaxed state.

8-SHINee (샤이니): Sleepless Night떠나지 못해
Read the English translation for this song, and you’ll understand how heart breaking this song is! SHINee really sing from deep inside their hearts on this track. It’s comforting and will have you teary-eyed. Just try not to ruin your notebooks with your waterworks!

7- SHINee (샤이니): Symptoms상사병
It sounds like the guys of SHINee are suffering from flu here! Again this is another heart wrenching song, with a smooth R’n’B sound.

6- FT Island (에프티 아일랜드): Madly미치도록
Lee Hong Ki’s (이홍키): husky voice and powerful chords will put you in a trance… Concentration mode!

5- Taemin (태민): Ace 

This song is from Taemin’s first solo project; bearing the same name. Taemin’s 태민 vocal range has excelled over the years, and he really showcases his attainments, with this polished and charming track.

4- U-KISS (유키스): Quit Playing 끼부리지마
This has a swanky and sophisticated feel to it, with a catchy chorus that will have you humming along.

3- Winner (위너): Empty 공허년
Winner’s debut song will always be a classic. With Jinwoo’s 진우sweet singing, and Seungyoon’s 승윤 coarse notes ; this song will have you swooning.

2- SHINee (샤이니) Odd Eye오드아이
Another one from the SM boys! Odd Eye will keep you hypnotised, with an array of strings and soft, sparse drums.

1-Winner (위너): Pricked 사랑가 시

Last but not least! We have Love Pricked/ Love Thorns (as there are numerous translations for this title); Mino 민호 and Taehyun’s 태휸 powerful song writing and performance dominates all love and heartbreak songs this year!

All of these songs are about, love, anguish and heartache. But don’t get too caught up and reminiscent!

Study is key!

Shari Coakley

Longing to travel, and document my experiences. A vast taste in music; always enthused by culture and people. Favourite city so far? Seoul...<3



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