Opposites in Korean!

Good morning! Who’s ready to learn some opposites in Korean??

1. 덥다 (deop-da) to be hot (Temperature)
2. 춥다 (chup-da) to be cold (Temperature)
3. 빠르다 (ppa-leu-da) to be fast
4. 느리다 (neu-li-da) – to be slow
5. 좋다 (jot-da) to be good
6. 나쁘다 (na-ppeu-da) – To be bad
7. 젊다 (jeol-da) – To be young
8. 늙다 (neul-da) – To be old
9. 행복하다 (haeng-bok-ha-da) – To be happy
10. 슬브다 (Seul-peu-da) – To be sad
11. 낮다 (nat-da) to be low (objects)
12. 높다 (nop-da) To be high (objects)
13. 맑다 (mal-da) To be clear
14. 흐리다 (heu-li-da) – To be cloudy
15. 사다 (sa-da) To be cheap
16. 비싸다- (bi-ssa-da) To be expensive
Let us know what you want to learn next in the comments!

Nabila Abib

An avid reader, constant day dreamer, and an occasional writer. If it’s Korean, I want to know about it! Walking K-film and K-drama dictionary. Has a soft spot for K-indie music.



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