A Lazy Day in Seoul

Even though we love exploring, meeting up with friends and experiencing new things, some days we prefer to just switch off our phone, close our curtains and have a day completely to ourselves – we call these days 게으른 하루 (ge-eu-leun ha-lu) or…Lazy Days!

So to help you summon your inner laziness we’re sharing with you some of our favourite lazy pass-times in Seoul!

Binge-watching Dramas

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To kick off our lazy days we usually try not to actually get out of bed until late in the morning, then after some freshening up we begin the first task of the day – binge watching our favourite dramas!

What drama we watch always depends on how we’re feeling that day. If we’re in need of something quick and easy to watch we go for ones such as Imaginary Cat, Orange MarmaladeAftermath and We Broke Up –  since they only have a few episodes, meaning we could easily get through them in a day (or two!).

Even when we don’t feel like starting a new drama, another thing we love doing on our lazy day’s is re-watching our favourite episodes of our most beloved dramas – which for us is Coffee Prince, Oh My Ghostess, Tunnel (2017), The Lover, Goblin and W – Two Worlds!

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Eating Snacks!

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And of course, no proper binge session is complete without snacks! We always make sure to have our fridge and cupboards fully stocked with sweet and savoury goodies, and luckily for us every Korean convenience store has plenty of treats to pick from!

For tv-watching of any kind, the traditional snacks have always been chips and a drink – and our go to chip-drink combo’s are 밀키스  (Milkis), a creamy soda drink, and 감자깡 (Gamja-kkang) which is a potato snack that we could literally eat all day.

Other favourite snacks of ours include 데미소다 (Demi-soda),찹쌀떡 (Chapssaltteok) which is a kind of mochi, 고구마깡 (Goguma-kkang) similar to the gamja-kkang only sweeter,떡볶이 (Tteok-bokki) chips and, of course,라면 (Ramyun).

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Eating (again) at a Street Stall


Another food-related activity we love doing on our Lazy Day’s is visiting street stalls! If we ever run out of snacks at home, the next best thing is hunting a nearby food stall (good thing there are always plenty around!) and chowing down on some cheap and delicious food!

Some of our favourite street foods include; 감자조림 (Gamjajorim – glazed potatoes),떡볶이 (Tteok-bokki – spicy rice cakes), 오뎅 (O-deng – fish cakes), 감자 핫도그 (Gamja Hotdog – literally a hotdog but covered in potatoes!) and for something sweet we adore 호떡 (Hotteok – sweet pancakes) and 붕어빵 (Bung-eo-bbang – fish shaped pastries filled with red bean paste).

The act of eating alone, or 혼밥 (Hon-bap), has become more widely practised by Korean youths and adults alike – when before, eating by yourself was viewed as strange and uncouth – so that means we can leave the house in our pyjamas, go to a nearby food stall and eat to our heart’s content without being shamed (at least not for eating alone that is!).

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Relaxing at a Jjimjilbang (찜질방)

©찜질방, 06.01.2018,

Another place where you can stay in comfy pyjamas and not get stared at (as much) is a 찜질방 (Jjimjilbang) – traditional Korean bathhouses!

Here you’re encouraged to unwind, rebuild your strength and, most of all, relax, which is why we love visiting on our lazy days! Even though you’re required to be naked around strangers for a small portion of your time there, you’ll quickly realise that no one cares! Bathhouses aren’t meant to freak you out or give people the opportunity to see your butt – it’s all about you taking care of yourself and your health.

There are many things to do in a Jjimjilbang besides relaxing in the pool, such as detoxing in saunas and having a rest in the sleeping rooms. And if you’re feeling hesitant about the whole naked thing then please don’t stress – the only time you’ll have to de-robe is when you’re in the pools, everywhere else you can wear the bathhouse provided cotton pj’s!

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Having Quiet Time at a Cafe

©Cafe, 02.02.2018,

Although we may not be able to rock up here in our pyjamas (or get naked!), we still think visiting cafes is a another addition way to our Lazy Days – they’re especially good if you’ve been stuck inside your room glued to your tv all day!

Even though cafe’s can be a fun place to go with friends, sometimes it’s nice to visit a quiet cafe on your own. Some of our favourite cafes to visit solo include; The Bridge Cafe (카페더브릿지) in Seogyo, Ikovox Coffee in Sinsa, Zagamachi near Konkuk University, Cafe Mesh which makes us feel like we never left home, Anthracite Coffee in Hapjeong and Cafe Noriter (카페 노리터) near Ewha Women’s University in Edae – where you can sit in your own private booth!

Food Delivery

©Goblin, 09.10.2018,

After a long day of drama-watching, bath-housing and cafe visiting, for us there’s nothing better than sitting back and browsing through all the options for a food delivery! There are many different delivery services in Seoul that cater to a wide range of different foods – from traditional Korean to Italian!

Some of our favourite end of day meals to get delivered is 치맥 (Chimaek) – the delicious combination of fried chicken and beer! This combo has grown very popular in Korea and many food chains provide their own versions of chimaek. Restaurants such as Nekkid Wings, Kyochon Chicken and Romantic Chimac are our go to’s for chimaek, but we also can’t get enough of Jangmi JjimdakBanh Mi Lee and Hotaru.


Sheet-masks and More Dramas!

©sheet mask, 08.01.2018, inspiremekorea

Finally, to end our perfect Lazy Day in Seoul we put on a fresh pair of pyjama’s, gather up our left over snacks, grab some sheet masks and settle down with more dramas!

This is a chance to either finish a new drama, revisit our old favourites or curl up with a sad film that’s bound to make us cry. Although crying isn’t pleasant, sometimes we need a good cry to get all our toxic feelings out, and there’s no better way to do that then to watch a sad movie – we personally go to films like A Moment to RememberCanola or A Werewolf Boy for when we need a good sobbing session.

Even though it may be a bit difficult to keep a sheet mask on when you’re crying, we can’t finish our lazy day without one! For sheet masks, it all depends on your skin type – but we personally can’t get enough of the masks provided in our 7 Day Sheet Mask Set, which has a big variety to choose from!

Then once we finish our films or dramas (if we haven’t passed out first!) we collapse in bed and count the days till our next Lazy Day!

Like how we spend our Lazy Day’s? Tell us how you like to spend yours~!

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Claudia Deborah

[cries while listening to Ring Ding Dong]



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