Korea takes coffee to the next level…

Who doesn’t love a good coffee? We certainly do, especially the pretty patterns that you can find on your Latte at most good coffee shops. However, in South Korea it’s the next biggest trend and a few cafes have taken Coffee Art to the next level. We will be uncovering the secrets behind why Korean baristas are so talented, as well as showcasing one barista’s unique coffee art.

First of all, did you know that most, if not all baristas in Korea are actually certified in this vocation? This tiny country actually has the most certified baristas in the world at 350,000. In other words, they’ve been trained in how to make the perfect coffee, right down to the perfect design on the top. This means you can trust that any cup of coffee you order in this country will be amazing.

© Coffee Art, 03.09.2017,
© Coffee Art, 03.09.2017,

It’s also important to note that beauty and appearances play a big role in Korean culture. This can be easily recognised in Korea’s booming makeup and fashion industry. Therefore, it’s only natural that Koreans would want their coffees to look beautiful too. And with cute coffee shops now on every corner, baristas need to be good at Latte Art too in order to stay in business.

Usually coffee art is just a plain white colour as it’s created from hot milk. However, barista Lee Kangbin has found a way to break free from this restriction with his colourful designs! Known as ‘cream art’, he uses cream that has been coloured to create his masterpieces which range from famous paintings to cute Disney characters. We think the designs are so beautiful that the coffee looks almost too good to drink!

Image Source: © leekangbin91, 31.08.17,
Image Source: © leekangbin91, 31.08.17,

Now that we’ve shared the secrets of Korean coffee shops and their baristas, we hope that you now know a little bit more about the coffee culture in this country. If you visit, make sure to grab a cup of coffee and take a picture of the Latte art!

Featured Image Source: © Inspire Me Korea, 31.08.17,

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