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Healthy Korean foods that will feed your brain

Many students will be busy with exams and assignments during this time, so why not read our article on healthy Korean foods that are wholesome and nutritious, to help you along? Try some of these foods to give your brain a boost!

Samgyetang 삼계탕

This is a type of soup, with the main ingredients being chicken, ginseng and jujube/red dates. Ginseng and jujube are traditionally thought to have medicinal properties. Drinking samgyetang is warming and the chicken provides a good source of protein. Just what students need to keep them going through long periods of study!


Image source: ‘Chicken soup, Ginseng, Korea, Asia’. cegoh. 25.03.2017. Pixabay

Jeongol 전골

Our next suggestion is jeongol! This is a hot stew cooked in a pot; you can add delicious ingredients to a broth base and let the flavours develop as they cook together. We recommend adding a lot of nutritious vegetables such as mushrooms and Korean radish. You could even make it a vegetarian dish by omitting meat and adding dubu (tofu)! Sharing your finished jeongol dish with family and friends is an excellent way to relax and unwind from study stress!


Image source: ©’Korean Stew, Tofu, Spicy’. rm673. 25.03.2017. Pixabay.

Doenjang 된장

Doenjang is a thick sauce; a fermented paste made from soybeans. It is highly nutritious and is thought to provide certain vitamins, minerals and amino acids. You can simply add a little of the paste to a lettuce wrap along with some healthy protein like lean meat or prawns and rice (ssam-bap) or even added to soup broths. There are a lot of possibilities with doenjang, so why not look into giving it a try?


Image source: © ‘Korean, Ssam, Food, Ansim-Ssam’. hannahone. 25.03.2017. Pixabay.

Hoppang 호빵

Hoppang is a warm street snack. They are steamed buns with hot fillings! Having something warm to eat boosts your mood, and these are a healthier option to fried and oily snacks. For more benefits, choose a vegetable filling (good for heart health and blood pressure), you can even get sweet potato or pumpkin inside!


Image source: ©’Steamed bread’. VY. 25.03.2017. Pixabay

Tea 차

Tea has always been a traditional drink in Korea, and is becoming more popular as people look for ways to improve health. There are many types, including green tea (nok-cha), citron tea (yu-ja-cha), ginger tea (saeng-gang-cha), jujube tea (dae-chu-cha), root tea (ssang-hwa-cha)…and loads more! Use tea to ease your mind after a hard day. Find one that is to your taste, there are plenty to choose from!


Image source: ©’Tea leaf, Black tea, Green tea’. pompi. 25.03.2017. Pixabay


We hope you enjoyed our list of healthy Korean foods and found something you would like to try! Do you have any other suggestions? If so, leave us a comment below!

Featured image source: © ‘Korean food’. SimonaRi. 25.03.2017. Pixabay.

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