Everything You Need To Know About The Fire Noodle Challenge!

Now, you’re probably familiar with viral challenges such as the ‘Chubby Bunny Challenge’, ‘Bean Boozled Challenge’ and many more. Maybe you’ve even tried them yourself with some friends. However, have you ever heard of the Fire Noodle Challenge?

Originating in South Korea, this challenge began when many Koreans uploaded videos of themselves eating the ‘fire noodles’ onto Youtube. People from all over the world saw these videos, some of them even going viral, and then proceeded to try it for themselves.

Guess what, there’s a one up – the NUCLEAR FIRE NOODLES. Yes you heard it right, it can get even hotter!

How spicy can they really be?

Well, if you get our July CULTURE (SUPERHERO) box, you’ll find out! Inside, we are including a packet of the Samyang Spicy Chicken Roasted Noodles. Our challenge to you is to film yourself (and maybe a friend?) completing the Fire Noodle Challenge. Just remember to tag us so we can see you enjoying them (or not!).

If you’d like to see our attempt at the challenge, be it for inspiration for your video or just for pure entertainment, then please watch it below!

The author: Natalie Mierswa

Writer and dreamer. German mind, American heart and Asian soul. Member of Kim Jongdae Appreciation Society and proud donator to the Park Jimin Jams Fund.
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