IMK’s Top 3 K-beauty Products of 2016

K-beauty products and devices have dominated the industry this year including peel-off eyebrow and lip tint and blackhead extractors. Everyone from around the world wants a slice of Korean beauty life.

But as the year comes to an end, the team at Inspire Me Korea round up three products that reigned best.

1. Carbonated face masks

Credit: Amazon
Image source: © Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask, Amazon, 24.12.2016,

Sheet and splash masks do not compare to this trend. Because what’s better than looking like a bubble monster? Elizavecca released their version called Milky Piggy Carbonated Clay Mask earlier this year and has been tried and tested by countless beauty bloggers and vloggers on YouTube.

When applied, the mask activates and transforms into frothy bubbles, lifting dead skin cells and sebum. Disturbing, but most definitely satisfying. The key ingredient of charcoal cleanses and exfoliates clogged pores, leaving the skin super clean and soft A.K.A make you feel as happy as a pig in mud.

2. Cleansing balms

Credit: Amazon
Image source: © Banila Co. Clean It Zero, Amazon, 24.12.2016,

People ditched their face wipes for heavy-duty makeup remover after news circulated that wipes are bad for the skin, causing spots and wrinkles. Banila Co’s Clean It Zero is a solid balm until the user massages it into the skin and turns into a soft texture.

Say goodbye to waterproof mascara and long wear foundation because the silky oil dissolves stubborn makeup within minutes. The benefits of Banila Co’s balm does not stop there as customers found the product does not strip away their skin’s natural oils, but replenishes it with papaya extract.

3. Cushion foundations

Credit: Amazon
Image source: © Misha M Magic Cushion, Amazon, 24.12.2016,

Foundation comes in many forms. Liquid, stick, in a can, and even in a cushion compact. Missha, a South Korean makeup brand, developed their own cushion foundation called M Magic Cushion. Its formula stands apart from others in the K-beauty industry because the silica bead powder absorbs sweat and sebum, providing long-lasting wear.

Oxidisation is a problem with liquid foundation which darkens the appearance of the foundation. But the innovative cushion ensures minimal darkening and dewy skin, even after touch-ups.

What’s the future of foundation? A peel-off tattoo?

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