Must Have Beauty Tools for a K-Beauty Junkie!

For years the world has acknowledged that South Korea is on the frontier for beauty products, including the introduction of amazing tools to assist us in everything from applying makeup to maintaining a good skincare routine!

So we’ve scourged through the internet and our makeup boxes, and have put together some our favourite Korean beauty tools so far this year~!

1. Comedo Blackhead Remover – $12.99 (USD)

©ComedoRemover,, 22.08.2017

©ComedoRemover,, 22.08.2017

The, rather unusual, cult following of ‘Pimple Popping’ is growing everyday and to help us keep up with our post-shower or before bed ‘popping’ rituals, many Korean beauty stores are now stocked to the brim with various different blackhead remover tools. Our favourite we’ve found is the Comedo Remover by SKINMISO.

Made from stainless steel and approved by dermatologists, the Comedo Remover is a less damaging and more hygienic way to remove black and whiteheads – and don’t worry, it’s still just as oddly satisfying as popping them with your fingers!

How to Use:
Fist cleanse your face with warm water, then place the loop end over the blackhead you want to extract before gently pressing down on one side of the blackhead and moving the tool across the top of it. Afterwards wash the area again and then go on with the rest of your routine~

2. ‘I Am Rubycell’ Cushion Puffs – $16.90 (USD)

©RubycellPuffSet,, 22.08.2017

©RubycellPuffSet,, 22.08.2017

We can all agree that foundation plays the most crucial part in our daily transformations, and with the help of cushion puffs it’s so much easier to stop looking like a ‘self-concious sleep deprived zombie’ and begin looking like an actual human!

Unlike many beauty blenders, cushion puffs don’t absorb foundation and concealer, instead they transfer the product directly on to your skin giving you a seamless airbrushed look. And none can compare to the ‘I Am Rubycell’ Puffs sold only at MEMEBOX!

How to use:
Tap or pat lightly to blend makeup evenly. It can be used to apply your favourite liquid, cream foundation or finishing powder.

3. Customising Lip Palette – $35.00 (USD)

©PonyEffect,, 22.08.2017

©PonyEffect,, 22.08.2017

Gone are the days when we were limited to ONE lipstick colour, now with Pony Effect’s ‘Customising Lip Palette’ you can mix and play around with a range of colours and hues so you can create the perfect shade for you!

As a bonus it comes with a sleek dual-ended brush equipped with a silicone end that’s perfect for mixing and a flat end for smooth application.

How to Use:
In order to create your own unique shade, use the pointed silicone end of the brush to pick a colour then dab (not that kind!) onto the ‘mixing zone’ of the palette before repeating with another colour. Then mix the colours together until you’re left with a shade that’s fit for an IU music video!

4. Dr.Jart Dermaclear™ Micro Water – $28.65 (USD)

©dermaclear1,, 22.08.2017

©dermaclear1,, 22.08.2017

After a long day at work or a night out with friends, sometimes it’s just too much effort wiping off your makeup and applying all the necessary toners before you can finally go to bed. But with ‘Dermaclear™ Micro Water‘ you just have to go through the motions once, as this brilliant Dr.Jart creation acts as an all in one cleansing water that removes makeup while toning and brightening the skin at the same time!

Dermaclear is made with 90% natural ingredients, doesn’t cause irritation, moisturises the skin as well as hydrates it – which makes ‘hitting the hay’ easier for us all.

How to Use:
Dampen a cotton pad and gently sweep over entire face, you repeat if you want to, and there’s no need to rinse! This product does not leave any residue~

5. Koyangi (고양이) ‘Cat’ Headband – $6.40 (USD)

©KoyagiHeadband,, 22.08.2017

©KoyagiHeadband,, 22.08.2017

Next on the list is our very own Cat Headbands! They are purr-fect (forgive me I couldn’t resist) for fighting against those wandering stray hairs that get in your way as you apply makeup, cleanse your face or as you struggle to put on a face mask.

It even comes in handy when you want your hair to stay neat while you sleep or even to keep those pesky strands out of your mouth as you’re trying to eat while binge-watching ‘Coffee Prince’ – whatever it is, you’ll look cute while doing it!

6. Forencos 7 Days Masks – $2.71 each (USD)

©7daymask,, 22.08.2017

©7daymask,, 22.08.2017

Now you may be thinking; ‘Hey. Face masks aren’t beauty tools…’ but we here at IMK reckon they are, and the ones we’re obsessed with at the moment are Forencos’ 7 Day Masks. Not only does the beautiful Song Joong Ki model for the packs, but each mask has a specific thing it targets!

Monday – ‘Swallow Nest Nutrition Mask’ strengthens the skins barrier and improves elasticity.
Tuesday – ‘Volcanic Ash Detox Mask’ cleans and clears the skin and improves complexion.
Wednesday – ‘Caviar Moisture Mask’ hydrates and nourishes the skin.
Thursday – ‘Tea-Tree Relax Mask’ prevents skin troubles and is good for oily skin.
Friday – ‘Gold Regenerating Mask’ helps give tired skin a fresh look.
Saturday – ‘Mayu Elastic Mask’ gives your skin an intense moisture and elasticity boost.
Sunday – ‘Black Pearl Brightening Mask’ purifies the skin and gives it a glow, as well as clears the skin tone.

Or if you’re too lazy to track down Forencos’ masks (which we totally understand) you can grab our very own, specially curated and customised, 7 DAY SHEET MASK SET from our online store!

Image source: © Inspire Me Korea, 19.05.2017,

Image source: ©InspireMeKorea, 23.08.2017,

They don’t have Song Joong Ki’s gorgeous face on them but our assortment of soothing, brightening and moisturising masks are still an awesome way to ‘treat yo self’ throughout the week~. Enjoy!

Feature Image Source: ©memebox,, 22.08.2017

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