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THE 7 DAY SHEET MASK SET – the Korean beauty recipe for radiant, glowing complexion
A mask for every day of the week, Monday through to Sunday, we’ve got you covered!


We all know Koreans are proud of their beautiful, flawless skin. But what’s the real secret? The 10 step routine? The Jamsu technique?
It’s really rather simple: the core of achieving luminescent skin is using 1 Korean sheet mask a day, a trend that has now become a movement with many celebs swearing by it.. We’re happy to see that you also want to give it a try!


If you’ve received your 7 DAY SHEET MASK SET, here’s what you may have received:


I’m Real Mask, Rice – Purify your skin with this rice sheet mask which brightens and soothes the skin! Helps with any discolouration, pigmentation or acne scarring as well as general hydration

I’m Real Mask, Red Wine – Reduces enlarged pores, leaving your skin silky smooth!


Real Nature, Damask Rose – Rose extracts revitalise and hydrate the skin, calms and soothes

Real Nature, Royal Jelly – Deep hydration and leaves your skin baby soft!

Image source: © Inspire Me Korea, 19.05.2017,

Image source: © Inspire Me Korea, 19.05.2017,


Beauty Planner, Cucumber – with antioxidant properties, this mask soothes and cools irritated skin, hydrates and refreshes!

Beauty Planner, Honey – Antibacterial properties from honey helps calm acne prone skin and moisturises, perfect for all skin types

Beauty Planner, Lavender – In need of relaxing me time? The best mask to calm the skin, and the light aroma of lavender also relaxes the mind. Not only that, lavender revitalises fatigued skin and helps brighten and increase elasticity in the skin

Beauty Planner, Mugwort – Reduces pore size, and the salicylic acid gently exfoliates and gently removes dead skin cells. Improves skin tone and helps calm acne prone skin


Dress Code, Blue – provides the skin with constant hydration and nutrition, support, flexibility and elasticity, increases the protective properties of the skin, softens. Helps relive discomfort with dry skin, promotes faster healing and rapid recovery of the smoothness of the epidermis.

Dress Code, Red – Mediheal’s Dress Code Mask in Red (Ginseng Care) is the answer for weal, damaged skin. This mask particularly features Red Ginseng as its main ingredient helps the skin to develop stronger cells. This also functoins as anti-ageing agent as it decreases the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Give yourself a good pamper once a day, we hope you enjoy this mask set carefully picked for you
Don’t forget to re-order before your set runs out to keep your skin glowing from within!


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