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Hello IMK readers! We’ve discovered a new artist called Klang (클랑) that we’d like to recommend this week! Klang is a female singer who has displayed some impressive vocal ability with her few musical works already. We first noticed her music with a track called ‘The Wanted’. It caught our attention for several reasons including: her vocal timbre that is broader and more powerful than many other female singers and the distinctive style of the song.

‘The Wanted’ manages to combine a guitar accompaniment that could have been plucked from a country music track, with some electronic dance elements. Consequently, the result becomes an astonishing hybrid but it really works! Think about how ‘Wake Me Up’ became such a global hit for Avicii! We think that Klang’s effort leans more towards the modern in comparison to say, the style of ‘Wake Me Up’, however, it makes for an song with impact. If there was one criticism that we would have, is that the MV doesn’t offer much more to pique our interest, but it does look professional and ticks the basic boxes. Watch and listen to ‘The Wanted’ below.

Klang also sang on a track called ‘U and I’ that was part of the original soundtrack of K-drama ‘Night Light’. It’s a solid release that demonstrates Klang’s distinctive way of finishing her vocal notes. ‘U and I’ shows that she can tackle slower songs without losing her own style and identity. Unfortunately there was no MV, but do try and seek the song out if you can!

Do not despair! We stumbled upon this cover that was uploaded by Staro Entertainment, where Klang sings ‘7 years’ by Lukas Graham. She is simply accompanied by a female pianist who you can see in the background. We can truly say that this is a beautiful rendition sung with conviction.

We are enjoying what Klang has released so far, and wish her well in her singing career! What do you think of Klang’s music? Tell us by commenting!

Featured image source: © Klang. 16.02.2017. Klang’s Instagram.

Louisa Lee

Enthusiastic writer, scientist, and foodie. Enjoys discovering new music, films and books, as well as travelling, trying various cuisines and learning about different cultures. My music player is never too far away - life just isn’t complete without music!



  • Bob Bohling
    10 months ago

    Didn’t Klang appear on ICSYV Korea, singing an Adele song?

    I read a comment about her, and the writer said to look on YouTube for her under the name Klang. Am i mistaken or was the writer correct?

    Any help you can give is great

    • Louisa Lee
      10 months ago

      Yes, Klang did appear on the show singing ‘When we were Young’ by Adele, but used her real name (Park Da Eun) there. ‘The Wanted’ is her first single!

  • Gojila
    7 months ago

    Thanks for your recommendation. I spotted her from ICSYV and Couldn’t stop myself to replay over and over with Adele, When we were young. She did amazing there. Just simply nailed it.

    And the 7 year covered is even better. Wishing her with singing career to be more recognize soon.

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