Inspired By KOREA

Inspired by KOREA series – 8. Nabila

Story by Nabila Abib:

I went to Africa (Somalia) for 9 months. Yep 9 months. But I discovered something whilst I was there. Korean TV. Oh yes, I had just entered and discovered the world that was Korea. My first glimpse was in Dubai, but actually sitting down and understanding (Inspiring generation at the time) was exhilarating. I was bored with American TV shows and the lack of humour that was portrayed in them.

I laughed, cried, and and jumped for joy during some memorable scenes. Some of the first Actors/Actresses that caught my eye were; Lee Min Ho (Boys Over Flowers), Park Min Young (Glory Jane/City hunter) and of course Kim Hyun Joong (Inspiring generation/Boys over flowers) but it didn’t stop there.

I was also watching drama specials as each day went by. But that was when I was in Somalia and when I had KBS channel.

Whilst I was in Somalia I met a friend who was from Syria 🙂 and what do you know? She was learning Korean :). I have always been aware of different cultures and languages and such but I never had an interest in learning any type of language that was so complicated (Hangul is not complicated) especially since Arabic was already hard enough. She was learning it and enjoying it. I didn’t think much of it at the time and just congratulated her on her language learning skills. However little did I know that we would lose contact and our Korean connection would be gone.

When I returned to England I had to find out the names of the shows I had watched and the actors in them. My hunt began and soon after I was enveloped in the Korean wave. I downloaded Viki, discovered Dramafire, and practiced my Hangul. Once I could distinguish the letters I stopped using the Romanisation (language killer) I had enough confidence in myself and went straight for it, mind you this was just the beginning. Day and night I was watching show after show. It became an addiction. It still is. But it makes me happy!

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