Inspired By KOREA

Inspired by KOREA series – 7. Chenai

Story by Chenai, Devada:
My name is Chenai and I grew up in a little town called Bulawayo in Zimbabwe. Back then, Korea to me was an obscure place that rarely ever entered my conversations or thoughts.
Fast forward to 2016 and I am now a certified Kpop, Kmusic, Kfood, Kbeauty, Kpeople, Keverything addict!

What first piqued my interest in South Korea was when I read about the issues affecting conscientious objectors to military service. I then actually met someone from South Korea, who spurred me on to seek out more information on Korean history and culture. I told him that I really enjoy listening to new and interesting music from all around the world and asked for recommendations for Korean music. Surprisingly, he answered “I don’t really listen to Korean music.”
This angered me because I thought, how can you not even have one musician to talk about? Is Korean music really terrible or something? In an irritated frenzy I decided to find out for myself and was pleasantly surprised by the sheer talent, quality and diversity to be found in Korean music. I now have a youtube playlist menu pages long filled with Zion T, Winterplay, IU, Urban Zakapa, AKMU, Eddy Kim, Standing Egg and lots more. It’s actually embarrassing. My love of Korean music and culture has motivated me to actually start learning the language too, I can’t be bothered with subtitles anymore!

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