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Music Release Roundup – K-SPOTLIGHT

Hello Inspire Me Korea readers! Excited about new music and what’s coming soon? Read on for some music news!

Red Velvet’s ‘Russian Roulette’ has thus far won three times on music shows with an infectious track paired with a memorable dance routine filled with defined ‘point choreography’. This title track is one of those songs that you can’t seem to get out of your head after a few listens! Watch the music video where the members carry out surprisingly devious pranks on each other. Red Velvet’s new mini album attempts to combine both the ‘Red’ and ‘Velvet’ concepts with a predominantly synthpop sound. Be sure to check out ‘lucky girl’ which is mixed with sound effects giving it that ‘cartoon-esque’ feel; a quirky highlight in the album.

Any Got7 fans out there? You will be pleased to hear that Got7 have a new album (13 songs) to be released at the end of September, called ‘Flight log: Turbulence’. Got7 take influences from trap and R&B this time, with wobble bass featured in a few tracks from the snippets of the album teaser. This album will have eight different versions! Each album has a photobook, and will come with a picture board, set of stickers and a photocard.

Song Ji Eun has released a mini album called ‘Bobby Doll’ which contains six tracks (one of which is an instrumental). A solid set of Kpop tunes, with the title song incorporating some rap elements alongside the vocals. ‘Off The Record’ is a slow ballad track, whilst ‘Oasis’ has more of an ‘R&B’ feel. The fifth track finishes on a bright note, aptly named ‘it’s okay’.

Anyone with more interest in a chilled album with relaxed vibes can try Jung Jin Woo’s ‘In my room’-a mini album of five songs. You may recognise his name from the programme K-pop star in which he was a contestant. Filled with soulful vocals, this album will appeal to lovers of R&B.

Mamamoo have a bright, cheerful and funky pre-release single called ‘New York’ that has a witty accompanying music video. Whee-in takes centre stage, pretending to her boyfriend that she has gone to New York. The video makes good use of split screen and colours throughout that complement the simple hook elements that make for a catchy chorus. They switch up the song structure this time around, with Moonbyul’s rap sections being dispersed, something which is quite refreshing to find in Kpop. This is our favourite pick of this round of recent releases; watch the music video below and let us know what you think!


Featured image source: ©Red Velvet Russian Roulette cover. SM Entertainment. 06.10.2016. Red Velvet official Instagram.

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