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SF9: So Beautiful REVIEW

Christmas is nearly here! After weeks of putting up lights, eating delicious gingerbread cookies and doing last minute Christmas shopping, the festivities will soon be over. But don’t despair! Rookie group SF9 have released a feel-good Christmas song which is bound to put you in high spirits!

As with most Christmas songs, So Beautiful starts off with some bells ringing as part of the introduction. The bright, jingly tune instantly gets you into the Christmas spirit and sets up the rest of the song’s mood. The easy-listening style of the instrumental is a great pick-me-up, perfect for beating the blues during the dreary upcoming months!

What we love the most about this MV is its visuals. From the natural colours and lighting to the cute special effects and cozy house the video is filmed in, everything is just right for the song’s cheery concept. Even the members themselves are having fun and being silly, which put a smile on our faces!

We think this song is about a new love which fills you up with excitement and joy. That powerful feeling where the only thing that matters is being together with the other person. However, this can still apply to other relationships, such as ones with friends or family. Maybe this Christmas is a good time to reflect on your feelings towards your loved ones and how by spending time with them you can feel happy, as the song suggests.

In our opinion, it really doesn’t get more festive than So Beautiful. If you’re feeling a little rundown or not quite in the Christmas spirit yet, we really recommend this song. Hopefully it’ll turn your mood right around!

Haven’t seen it yet? Watch it here!

Featured Image Source: 23.12.16,

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