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Seoulmoon – K-SPOTLIGHT (Music Special)

Now that we are into the summer season, we thought it was a good time to write about Seoulmoon (서울문)! This three member K-indie band make infectiously catchy music, and are on their way to great things. Not only do they songwrite, self-promote and perform, but they also post their own Q&A clips, and creative videos where fans can see them doing things other than music, like playing games or tasting snacks. Have a look at our interview with Seoulmoon if you are interested in knowing more about them! There is a friendly energy around the members (Hyemi Kim on main vocals and electric guitar, Hyemi Shin on drums, and Luli Lee providing backing vocals and looking cool with the bass guitar). It is lovely to see; everytime they are captured on camera, they exude the broadest of smiles and savour the moment. We enjoy their guitar-based sound a lot too, and love that each member has their own style. They are a bit quirky, and that makes them likeable. It’s very clear that they know how to have fun with music 🙂

23rd June 2017

© Seoulmoon. 23.06.2017

Since we enjoy Seoulmoon’s musical style so much, we will go through ALL of the singles with our readers! So far their releases have been mostly upbeat, bright and energetic, and really fun to listen to. We recommend that everyone gives Seoulmoon a chance and supports them, because we think they are great!

Support Seoulmoon and buy their music! You can find all of their singles on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and Korean sites like genie and melon.

We’ll get right into the music review now!


Music and track recommendations

© Seoulmoon. 01.06.2016

© Seoulmoon. 01.06.2016


When I first saw you 처음 봤을 때

What strikes you first is the energetic and bright guitar sound. There is also a playful delivery of lyrics during the verses. ‘When I first saw you’ features a very catchy riff and is really a song to dance to! This track epitomises that happy feeling in meeting someone you like for the first time. The backing vocals lend good support here. We love the guitar in this one; the notes seem like they are dancing carefree.

Mystery girl’s club

This song is so cool! It really captures that night time feeling and is our favourite Seoulmoon track. The song bounces along at mid-tempo to begin with. It sort of reminded us of M83, which isn’t too much of a surprise because it turns out that Hyemi Kim listens to them! ‘Mystery girl’s club’ just gets better and better as the song progresses. You’ll be nodding your head along to it in no time at all! The drums, guitars and vocals are all extremely good here. There is that extra confidence shown by the members to do something a little different with ‘Mystery girl’s club’ that we strongly encourage Seoulmoon to continue. Highly recommended!


Pineapple 파인애플

Probably the most radio-friendly of Seoulmoon’s back catalogue, this song is summer encapsulated. Although the song is fairly simple, it’s still very catchy. However, it is also laid back in nature. One for lazy summer days.

Always 언제까지나

The light and easy-going vocals contrast with the more aggressive instrumentals and sound in ‘Always’, but we actually like that aspect in this track. The backing vocal sections are really good too, that sort of question and answer section where the main vocal and backing vocals take turns is probably our favourite part!

Badabada 바다바다

Main vocals are very clear on this track unlike some of the other Seoulmoon tracks. It’s more in keeping with a tropical vibe, which is very trendy in the Korean music scene just now. A creative lyric video is available for Badabada, that is in keeping with the style of Seoulmoon’s members in general. We like all the artwork too! This video shows off exactly what Seoulmoon are about!

Concluding remarks

Before we finish our music article, we just want to say a few words of congratulations to Seoulmoon for celebrating their individuality and doing something different and refreshing. They have the right energy and ideas in place to really be a special band. We’ll be keeping a close eye on them for the future and hope they will achieve lots of amazing things!

We wanted to include one extra bonus video to let you see what a live performance is like…enjoy!

(credit: MorinD Kim YouTube)


How to support Seoulmoon

Please support Seoulmoon by purchasing their singles! You can do so via iTunes, Google Play, and Korean sites like genie and melon.

You can also follow their activities on social media:

Official Instagram:

Official Facebook:


© Seoulmoon. 06.03.2017


Featured image source and in-article images source: © Seoulmoon. Images were either provided directly by the band, or reproduced from official sites with permission. Further details are found in the captions in each photograph.

© Seoulmoon music feature. Inspire Me Korea. 25.06.2017

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